Introduction to “The Book” a work in progress

“The Book” character Sarah Beth Stone age 10

I am old, my title dull, my cover cracked and worn.

“Just a book.”, some people say because my pages are tattered and torn,

but if you would just take the time to stop and read my story,

you would find a magnificent place, filled with pain and glory.

Introduction by character David Alexander-Ian Salie

The Book is not just poetry,
But a window into a child’s story.

It explores the depths of innocence,
And the maze of emotions that come hence.

Each poem tells a tale of its own,
Of a child’s growth and how they’ve grown.

It’s not just art but a journey, you see,
Through a child’s eyes and their reality.

To truly understand this work of art,
Picture the author as a child from the start.

Experience their world and feel their pain,
And you’ll see how their innocence was slain.

So take this journey and explore,
The life of a child, like never before.

Let the words guide you through this maze,
You’ll see innocence, the childhood phase.

Within these pages, you’ll find a heart,
A daughter of many emotions, a work of art

A child whose spirit is wild and free,
Her innocence, pain, and hope, you’ll see.

Though edited, her soul remains pure,
The essence of her struggles endure,

Her words, a window to a world transformed,
Through joys and sorrows, her spirit, adorned.

As you read, critique with tender care,
May her voice ignite a fire to bear,

Let compassion guide your every thought,
the beauty of a child’s world now sought.


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