From “The Book” Chapt 1. The Book Box

David Alexander-Ian Salie had always known that his wife was a lover of books. From the day they first met at the local library, she had never been without a book in her hand. She would spend hours lost in the pages of novels, poetry collections, and children’s books.

David had always been an avid writer and poet, but when he met his wife, his love for literature expanded to include children’s books and poetry for youth. They spent countless hours reading together, discussing their favorite works, and collecting new titles to add to their growing library.

Sadly, David’s beloved wife passed away, leaving him with a heart full of memories and a home full of books. When she passed away, David was left with an overwhelming sense of sadness. But as he looked through the books that his wife had collected over the years, he realized that he had an opportunity to keep her memory alive. He knew that she would have wanted the books to be shared with others, especially children who might find joy in the stories and poems that she had loved so much.

One day, as David was sitting in his garden, surrounded by the memories of his wife and their shared love of literature, an idea struck him. He decided to build a small library book box and put it outside beside the road by his house so he could share the many, many books his late wife collected. He wanted to share her love of reading with others and give back to the community.

He spent weeks working on the book box, sanding and painting it until it shone. David worked tirelessly until it was perfect. He even carved a little plaque in honor of his wife. He placed it outside his house and filled it with books, everything from classic novels to children’s picture books.

Soon, the book box became a popular spot for locals to stop by and browse the selection. Children would come by after school and pick out their favorite books, while adults would grab a novel to read on their commute.

David would often sit on his porch and watch as people stopped by the book box. He loved to see the joy on their faces as they discovered a new book to read. He would strike up conversations with them about his late wife’s love of books and poetry, and would even recite some of his own poetry for them.

As time went on, the book box became a beloved fixture in the community. People would leave notes inside, thanking David for his kindness and for sharing his wife’s collection with them.

David had found a way to keep his wife’s memory alive through the books she loved so much. And in doing so, he created a legacy that would continue to bring joy and inspiration to countless people for years to come.

David and his wife shared a love,

A passion for words and books,

Together they’d read and discuss,

Their shared delight was all it took.

But when his wife passed away,

David was left with books galore,

He longed to share her love of reading,

And to give back even more.

So he built a little book box,

Painted it with love and care,

Filled it with all the books she cherished,

And set it out for all to share.

The book box soon became a hit,

A spot where locals would convene,

To browse the shelves and pick a book,

To read and escape in a dream.

David would sit and watch them,

and sometimes recite poetry,

His wife’s memory, still alive,

In the joy of a child’s glee.

For the love of books and words,

Brought David and his wife together,

And now, through the book box,

They’ve brought joy to all forever.


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