The Secret Place from “The Book” Chap 1. Innocense (work in progress)

The Secret Place: by Character Sarah Beth Stone age 10

I had a friend and we shared a secret place.

It was by a green forest that smelled of pine.

There was tall yellow grass all around it.

There was a bare bush with a bird’s nest in it.

When we were cold the sun was our blanket.

There was a rippling steam with golden water

that gleamed in the sunlight.

The water was filled with silver fish

that always smiled at us.

When we were hot the wind was our fan.

It whispered secrets in our ears.

The silver fish swam up

to hear the wind’s secrets.

The grass giggled so hard

that it swayed back and forth.

The leaves on the trees chuckled and chattered.

The sun gleamed down with beams of love.

The air then was filled with love and happiness.

Oh, how I wish I could go back to that secret place

and see my friends once more.

Reflecting on A Secret Place at 30

In a secret place where memories reside,

Amidst a forest where pine trees abide,

A friend and I found solace, a place to hide,

With tall grass and a bush where birds reside.

The stream with water that shimmered like gold,

A place where silver fish were always bold,

With secrets to learn and stories to be told,

As friends, we imagined magic to behold.

Under the sun, when coldness did prevail,

The warmth we sought, we found in sun rays so frail,

And when hotness scorched, the wind was our tale,

We shared secrets and left a lasting trail.

We dreamed the grass giggled with delight,

The leaves on the trees chuckled, as birds took flight!

The sun shone down with beams so bright,

Love and happiness in the air, what a beautiful sight.

Oh, how I wish I could go back once more,

To that secret place where we laughed and explored,

To see my friends and share tales galore,

And cherish memories that will forever endure.

But, embarrassed by me, my friend was too shy

And asked that I not reveal them, not ask why,

My friend grew up more quickly than I,

And left the magic behind, left me to cry.

A summer friend, a momentary bond,

A fleeting connection, now mostly gone,

The magic shared, so vibrant and alive,

Now fades like a memory, barely alive.

The poem was a tribute, a love letter to the past,

Shared with a dear friend, with whom I amassed

A collection of memories, filled with love and joy,

But for my friend, the magic was just a ploy.

As soon as school began, the spell was broken,

My friend moved on, and left me behind, just a token.

The poem was a trigger, a reminder of the past,

for my friend, it was just an awkward cast.

The past that he wished to leave behind,

And so, I complied, though it pained my mind.

The rejection was palpable, the pain real and true,

But I moved on, knowing there was nothing left to do.

But cherish the memories and the magic of that summer,

And hope that someday, my friend will remember.

The memories of that place and time

Are now a bittersweet paradigm,

Of childhood dreams and friendship true,

A moment in time, forever anew.

Though the magic may have faded away,

The memories in my heart will forever stay,

A testament to the power of youth,

And the bonds we make, with love and truth.


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