A child’s riddle; from “The Book” Chap 1 Innocense (work in progress)

The Riddle by Character Sarah Beth Stone age 10

In the field I stand, tall and grand

A sight to see across the land

I am a sparkling wave against the sun

but a mere blade when only one

I am home to birds it is very fun

but I have to perish to be home for some.

My golden hue shines in the sun

A symbol of life that has just begun

Birds make their nests within my strands

A home for them, I gladly stand

But to be their home, I must die

And in death, give life to the sky

My purpose is clear, to nourish and feed

To provide for all, is my great deed

And though I must perish, my legacy will live on

For I am the field of wheat, from which new life is born.

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