Tongue Twister from “The Book” (work in progress)

Sarah was a creative child, always coming up with new ideas and projects. When her teacher assigned the class to create a booklet of their own original writing, Sarah knew she wanted to do something special.

She thought about her love of music and nature and came up with the idea of a tongue twister featuring fiddleheads and flowers. Sarah was just nine years old when she wrote her fiddlehead tongue twister. But even at such a young age, she knew that words had power. She carefully crafted each line, choosing just the right words to create a playful, rhythmic sound. She worked hard on the wording, trying to make it as catchy and fun as possible.

When she shared her tongue twister with her classmates, they were impressed by her creativity. They tried to repeat the words as quickly as she had, their tongues tripping over the alliterative phrases, and most of them stumbled over the words.

But one classmate accused Sarah of stealing the tongue twister from somewhere else, claiming she had heard the tongue twister before. Sarah was hurt by the accusation. She knew that the words were her own, born from her own imagination and hard work.

Still, Sarah didn’t let the criticism get her down. She continued to write, to explore the power of words and to share her creations with the world. And as she grew older, she realized that the support and encouragement she had received from her teachers had been a gift.

Today, Sarah looks back on her fiddlehead tongue twister with fondness. It reminds her of a time when anything was possible when the world was full of wonder and discovery. And she knows that the words she wrote so many years ago still have the power to inspire, to delight, and to bring joy to anyone who hears them.

Fiddlehead tongue twister: age 9

Five fiddling fiddleheads,

fifteen flowers

fiddled frantically,

frolicking freely.


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