Good Enough (The Book) work in progress

Good Enough

Written by Salie Davis (Character – Sarah Beth Stone)

How can someone being so afraid 
of not being good enough be of any good? 
How can someone loving yet so afraid 
of loving love enough to be loved? 
How can someone trying so afraid 
to keep trying, yet not enough be tried? 
How can someone living a life afraid 
of living just enough, be Alive?
How can I being, be good? 
How can I loving, be loved? 
How can I trying, be tried? 
How can I living, be alive? 
So afraid, yet so afraid, 
So afraid, a life afraid, 
Of not being good enough.
Of not loving love enough. 
To keep trying yet not enough. 
Of living just enough.

Response by Character- David Alexander-Ian Salie

In fear, we often find ourselves,

struggling to break from our shells.

But know that being good enough,

doesn’t require perfection or stuff.

It’s in the effort that we make,

to learn and grow from our mistakes.

Love is scary, that much is true,

but it’s worth it when it’s pure and true.

Don’t be afraid to open your heart,

for in doing so, love will impart.

It takes courage to be vulnerable,

but it’s a risk that’s always worthwhile.

Trying can be exhausting, it’s true,

but remember to give yourself due.

It’s not about being perfect every time,

but about perseverance and the climb.

Life’s a journey, not a destination,

so keep trying with determination.

Living can be scary, that’s for sure,

but it’s what we’re here for, to endure.

It’s not about living just enough,

but about embracing all of life’s rough.

Take risks, and follow your heart,

for a life lived with passion is a work of art.

So don’t be afraid, my friend,

of not being good enough in the end.

For in being yourself, flaws and all,

you’ll find your place, your purpose, your call.


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