Sea of Green from “The Book” chap 1 Innocense (work in progress)

Sea of Green by Character Sarah Beth Stone age 10

A sea of green,

waves splashing against my legs.

Coolness surrounds me

but I am not wet.

I walk on the waves of the green sea.

I lie down in the sea of green.

Waves splash over my face.

I open my mouth to drink the sea

but only wind flows in.

I close my eyes and all sound stops.

I am asleep.

When I awake the sea of green is gone.

In its place is green cool grass.

The waves are gone.

In their place is the wind.

I slowly stand upright.

The grass brushes against my legs.

Coolness surrounds me.

I walk in the meadow of green.

I lie down on the cool grass.

The grass sways over my head.

I smile, close my eyes,

and the sea of green comes back.

Reflection on “Sea Of Green” by Sarah age 30

Summers were always a time of inspiration,

When schoolyard taunts and snubs were cast aside.

The air was filled with playful liberation,

Cruel classmates became playmates, and I their guide.

A meadow field near my home we’d frequent,

A peaceful spot where nature’s beauty reigned.

And in the center lay a rock, immense,

Where Tiffany and I our friendship gained.

The rock was warm beneath the morning sun,

And even in the chill, we sat and talked.

We laughed and gazed at clouds, or dozed for fun,

And on that stone, we often leapt and walked.

Imagining it as a ship or isle,

We’d brave the waves and flee from pirate foes.

And when we sat in silence for a while,

Our dreams would take us where the meadow glows.

Our summer bond was true, and though it waned,

It lasted through the school year, strong and bright.

And even when a new friend was attained,

I was still a standby, a reliable sight.

So here’s to summers full of inspiration,

To kindred friends and days of youthful glee.

May memories like ours be a celebration,

Of childhood dreams and friendships yet to be.


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