Gifts of friendship from “The Book” chap 1 Innocence (work in progress)

by Character Sarah Beth Stone age 10-11

True Friends

True friends,


are for eternity.

forever they last.

Finally, my friend came.

Never shall we part.

You are that friend.


Alison is an angel

with wings of gold.

She is so lovely

and tender to behold.

She has a diamond halo

so lovely is she,

My heart is filled with tenderness

every time she looks at me.

A friendship poem

Together we’ll journey, hand in hand,
Through the highs and the lows of life’s demands.
We’ll navigate each twist and turn,
With loyalty and trust that will ever burn.

Our bond is unbreakable, our friendship true,
Standing by each other, whatever we go through.
Through thick and thin, we’ll never sway,
Our love and support will light the way.

No distance can weaken the ties that bind,
Our friendship is forever engraved in our minds.
We’ll share our joys, our tears, our fears,
And cherish every moment through the years.

Kindness and laughter, our constant refrain,
A friendship that will forever remain.
With a smile that brightens up the night,
Our friendship will never lose its light.

Thank you for being my friend, my guiding star,
Through all the moments, both near and far.
Together we’ll conquer, we’ll sing and we’ll soar,
Our friendship forever, and always, more.

The gift of friendship

Your presence was like a gift,
A treasure I couldn’t ignore.
You brought colors to my life,
And my heart yearned for more.

Your arrival was like a new season,
Refreshing and full of hope.
You whispered secrets in my ear,
And helped me to learn to cope.

You were like a gentle rain,
Falling on me with care.
Your love was like a healing balm,
And I was glad it was there.

Though you may have gone away,
Your memory lingers on.
And I will always cherish
The time we had, before you were gone.

You came and went with the season,
but you shared your secrets and your light,
Bringing hope and renewal and reason.
Helping me find strength in the fight.

You were like a gentle rain,
Falling softly, yet never in vain.
Your love was a balm to my soul,
A soothing touch that made me whole.

Even though you’re far away,
Memories of you will always stay.
The moments we shared will forever be,
A cherished part of my history.

So spread your wings and soar up high,
To new horizons and distant skies.
I’ll hold you close in my heart,
As we remain together, never apart.



what a lovely name

and what a lovely face.

What soft brown hair,

look at her there,

sitting all dressed in lace.

Look at her cheeks,

Like roses they are

and her lips so flossy and bright.

She is an angel.

Yes, she is, what a beautiful sight.

Judy, oh Judy,

A vision of grace,

A smile like sunshine,

That lights up your face.

eyes like two diamonds,

Sparkling with glee,

A heart full of kindness,

For all to see.

Judy, a wonder,

A true work of art,

And anyone who knows her,

Is blessed from the start.

Reflections on childhood friendships

I never knew how to express my heart,
How to communicate feelings right from the start.
So I would give gifts and trinkets galore,
Hoping to show people what I had in store.

But people misunderstood my intentions,
Assuming I wanted to buy their affections.
I learned the hard way that giving wasn’t enough,
It was my true self that needed to show up.

So I began to draw and write with all my might,
Pouring my heart out with every stroke I’ld write.
And though they smiled, it was not enough,
The friendships I craved were still out of touch.

For they only played with me for a short time,
Before moving on and leaving me behind.
It was hard to understand why they could not see,
The beauty and worth that was within me.

But I kept creating, kept expressing my soul,
Hoping one day I’d find someone who’d make me whole.
For though they never returned the sentiment I gave,
My gifts and art would forever pave,

The way for me to find my true tribe,
Friends who’d love and support me through life’s ride.
So I’ll keep giving, keep expressing my heart,
And one day my true friends will never depart.


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