The children on T.V. from “The Book” (work in progress)

The Forgotten

by Character Sarah Beth Stone age 10

We have no one to lead us.

We have no one to feed us.

We have no home.

We weep and we cry,

sent away to die.

We are so alone.

Please don’t leave us.

Don’t deceive us.

We need someone to care.

Please, please help us.

Won’t anyone help us?

We need someone to share.

Look into our faces,

our sad and hungry faces

and dry our tears.

Look into our faces,

our sad and hungry faces

don’t feed our fears.

Don’t leave us.

Don’t deceive us.

Please, Please help us.

Won’t anyone help us?

We are the forgotten, the ones left behind

Left to suffer, with no hope to find

We have no home.

No leader to guide us, no one to feed

We have no home, no shelter, just need

We are so alone.

Our tears fall like rain, as we face our demise

We weep and we cry, as we realize

We need someone to care.

We are so alone, with no one to care

Our pain and our sorrow, too much to bear

We need someone to share.

We beg for help, for someone to share

Look into our faces, and show that you care

Dry our tears.

Dry our tears, ease our fears

Show us love. Wipe away our tears,

don’t feed our fears.

We are lost without hope, with no one to trust

Our hunger and sadness, turning us to dust

Please, Please help us.

But we still have faith, that someone will come

To lead us to safety, to a new home

Won’t anyone help us?

Please don’t leave us, don’t deceive us

Please, please help us, won’t anyone help us?

A response in a letter from David.

Your words are powerful and moving. It’s heartbreaking to think that there are so many children in the world who are suffering and in need of basic necessities like food, shelter, and care. It’s important for us to remember that we are all responsible for each other and that we must work together to create a better world for everyone. We must listen to the voices of those who are suffering, and take action to help them in any way we can. Every small act of kindness can make a difference, and we must not give up hope that things can get better. Your poem conveys a powerful message and evokes strong emotions in the reader. It effectively captures the despair and hopelessness that many children in the world face. The repetition of certain phrases, such as “we have no home” and “we are so alone,” adds to the poem’s impact and creates a sense of urgency. The final lines, which express a glimmer of hope despite the dire circumstances, are particularly moving. Overall, your poem effectively raises awareness of an important issue and encourages readers to consider the plight of these forgotten children. Thank you for bringing attention to this important issue through your words. – David A.I. Salie

The Children on T.V.

It breaks our hearts to see so many children in need

Forced to suffer and plead for food, shelter, to succeed

Words so true, ring so clear, hopelessness, we cannot bear

the children’s plight, suffering pain, day and night

Let us not turn a blind eye, to their plea, nor leave them in misery

“We have no home”, they cry in pain.

“We are so alone”, their tears like rain

Powerful words move the heart, a call to action, a place to start.

A wake-up call, to us all, rise up and answer, the forgotten’s call.

Their plight, a sense of urgency, a call to action, to end their misery

but amidst the despair, a glimmer of hope. Faith will help them cope

Heartbreaking but we can break the link of suffering that makes them sink,

We cannot turn a blind eye, to the pain they can’t deny

We are responsible, you and I, to create a world where they can thrive

Their voices must be heard. Pain and struggle, not ignored.

We must take action, not just words, to give them the life they deserve.

Every small act of kindness we show can make a difference. Help them grow

We must not lose hope or let go, of the better world we can sow,

if work together, hand in hand, to create a world willing to understand,

where every child has a chance to stand in a future that is equally grand.


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