The Wishes, from “The Book” (Work in progress)

The Wishes: by character Sarah Beth Stone age 11

I wish upon a star tonight

the one that catches my eye,

my wishes and dreams to it I send.

I wish upon that star so bright,

I send my hopes and dreams up high

Hoping they’ll reach their happy end.

I hold a wishbone in my hand,

with a pinky friend, I make my wish,

Hoping the larger will make my wish new,

A tiny break makes a wish so grand,

then in a wishing well I fish.

Each day, I’ll make a wish or two,

Into the well, small coins to throw,

As they sink down to the deep,

wishes I hope my coins will find,

as I watch my pennies sink down low

Hoping my wishes they will keep

a path to a wishful heart and the mind.

I cast a rock into a brook,

the current carries it to places new,

they hold a desire deep within my heart,

the rocks of white, and when I look,

I’m hoping my dreams come true,

a wish for a brand new start.

For if those rocks I do not see,

with each wish, I make each day,

in the white rocks that I cast,

I wish my wish will come to me.

For I know wishes to find a way

to make hopes and dreams that last,

Symbols of hope are wishes set free,

With each wish, a spark ignites,

For wishes have a way to find,

their way, and a path back to me.

A flicker of hope, a ray of light,

Easing my wishful heart and mind.

The response from David

What a beautiful poem about wishing upon a star and casting wishes into various forms! It’s easy to get caught up in the magic of wishing and hoping for our dreams to come true. The way you describe sending your hopes and dreams up high on a star and into a wishing well is enchanting. And the imagery of casting a rock into a brook and watching it flow away is especially poignant.

It’s important to hold onto our hopes and dreams, to believe in them, and to do what we can to make them a reality. Wishing and hoping can be powerful motivators, but it’s also important to take action toward achieving our goals. I hope that your wishes and dreams come true and that you find happiness and fulfillment in your pursuits.

The act of wishing upon a star, a wishbone, or throwing a rock into a brook is a timeless tradition that has been passed down through generations. It’s a way for people to express their hopes and dreams, to send them out into the universe and believe that they will come true. Whether or not wishes come true is uncertain, but the act of making a wish itself can be a hopeful and empowering experience.

Thank you for sharing this lovely piece of writing!


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