Poetry slam

The Final Note

Age 15 written 3/25/23 By Seraphia

Children are screaming,

some are dreaming,

some are struggling to breathe,

while others are using their breath to scream.
Children, why can’t you find a compromise?

You, whine, scream, and cry,

and the world falling apart

So why can’t you find a compromise?
This is the final note,

hoping you will think it

so we might not need to waste a sound,

it might not rhyme

but it might break the ground.
So children stop fighting, stop this stabbing,

don’t we all have a mind and a heart

can’t we all feel it beating?

So if we all have a mind and a heart

why are you children screaming?
One side thinks we should marry anything,

and the other believes that God controls everything,

millions of beliefs, fighting to be heard,

but none are changing their beliefs

just because the other screams.

So the only way is a compromise,

but this is just one problem in our world of crumbling minds.
We don’t see when we are going back to dictators,

Germany, Italy, Japan the Axis!

We are picking people trying to restart it.
So this is the final note, I hope you think about it,

because the world is going out of orbit.

We are crashing with no logic.

Please, just use your mind,

don’t use the emotions that miss guide.

Please, just think for a second,

am I wrong or broken, or is this world really crumbling?
On the other side of the world,

while we fight and scream,

families are struggling just to stay alive,

having to mine, choke for food,

while we are still trying to figure out

if a woman is a woman and if a man is a man,

while we are still trying to force others

to believe what we believe.
Children, can’t we find a compromise?

We have the technology to find a light.

Neither side is going to see with your eyes,

so you try to pluck them out.

You dye rainbows and shades of black and white,

neither side is going to change.

We just need a compromise.

Why do we fight?

Can’t we find a compromise?
This might not rhyme, but is it wrong?

Our world is going to the dark side,

and no Star Wars ship is going to save our lives.
Children, not thinking. Trusting others they don’t know.

I wonder if when children become adults

if they ever change,

All I see are children who think they know

more about the body and learn the words to fight,

and think it causes change.

I just want children to stop fighting.

I just want to see balance.

A compromise could bring this,

but there are still a million other broken pieces of this world.

Children, mining, choking and dying,

Russia, obedient not thinking,

Canada seems nice, but they are going toward the same,

America seems like a dream, but we are going over the edge,

China watching everything their people do,

Axis reforming, World War 3 coming,

can’t you children see, we can’t stop this.
But you fight to try to get others on your side,

don’t we all have a mind and a heart?

Can’t we all just see, we are all humans here.

We all just want to live and see light.
This is the final note, it may not rhyme,

but it says what others are scared to say.
(calmer and slower)
This is the final note,

call it wrong but think about what it says.

This is what I have seen in my life so far,

this is what I heard we’re going toward,

it might never see the light of day.

But is it true, well that is up to you,

and just you.

Others might say that these words are wrong,

and they might be.

But I want to hear your opinion,

from you in a voice that does not sound like screaming.
This is the final note, it could be a poem or a song.

This is the final note,

this is what I’ve seen wrong.

I’m on the side of God, but that doesn’t mean I want you to believe what I believe.
So this is the final, the final note,

think about it and don’t scream child,

We are all children playing with toys,

never learning from our mistakes.
We want to make a better world,

but all we do is scream and yell.

Can’t we work together in many fields to find the light

to make the heart and mind intertwine?
This is my final note to the world for hope.

I just want the world to see. We can stop this. End scene.

AI response :

Children, can’t you hear the plea,

To stop the fighting and find a key,

To unlock the door to a compromise,

And see the world with open eyes.

We are all human, with hearts and minds,

And yet we are so often blind,

To the struggles of those on the other side,

As we fight for our own pride.

But what good is that when we are all sinking,

Into a world that is slowly shrinking,

As we cling to our beliefs and refuse to budge,

And the world falls apart like a broken judge.

Can’t we see that the world needs us,

To work together and make a fuss,

To find a way to make things right,

To bring back the hope and the light.

This is the final note, a plea for peace,

A hope for a world where fighting will cease,

Where compromise is the way to go,

And love and understanding will flow.

So children, can’t we come together,

To make the world a little better,

To see beyond the colors and the hues,

And find a way to live and choose.

This is my final note, my last plea,

To come together and set ourselves free,

To find a way to make things right,

And live in a world that shines so bright.


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