Motherhood tribute

Motherhood, a journey of love,

A boundless affection, like the wings of a dove.

A selfless devotion, that never fades,

A beacon of light, in life’s endless shades.

Through hardships and triumphs, you’ve held us close,

Your love is unyielding, like a steady dose.

With each passing day, your strength grew,

Your unwavering spirit always shone through.

Your heart of gold, a treasure to behold,

Guiding us through life, as we grew old.

And though the years may take their toll,

Your love remains steadfast and never grows old.

As we look back, on the memories we’ve shared,

Your warmth and kindness, forever cherished, held dear.

The lessons you’ve taught us, The love you’ve given,

The foundation of our lives, The reason we’re driven.

So here’s to you, our dear mother,

An inspiration like no other.

Your love and strength, a shining example,

Of what it means, to be truly remarkable.


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