Dear Mother

Oh, the world so heartless and cruel,

A storm at sea, destroying all who meet its rule.

Born as helpless children set upon the tide,

Forced to face a monster that wished to see us die.

As babes, we were thrown into its fray,

Left to face the monster every day.

Our world is cruel and cold,

A stormy sea that devours the bold.

But you, dear mother, held us tight,

Protecting us through each perilous night.

You stood tall, defiant in the face of danger,

Scooping us up again, protecting us from the anger.

Defying the waves that threatened to drown,

You lifted us up and never let us down.

You, dear mother, held us close,

Cradling us in your arms as the angry sea arose.

Now grown, we still crave your care,

For your love is the shelter we seek and share.

Your burden grew heavy, your bones brittle with age,

Yet still, you support us, with the passing of each page.

We know we burden you with our need,

But your love is what we truly plead.

As we grew older, we never ceased to need your love,

Looking to you for guidance, like a shining dove.

Age has not dulled your steadfast heart,

Nor weakened your arms that keep us apart.

With each passing day, we grow to see,

That your love is our only guarantee.

You are our protection, our only hope,

Never failing us, always helping us to cope.

We can never repay the love you’ve given,

For it’s a debt that can never be forgiven.

For in this world of cruel and stormy seas,

Your love is the only true remedy.

All we can do is love you back,

And promise to always stay on track.

So, dear mother, as our love you kept,

Our devotion, and gratitude, we hope you’ll accept.

For all your love, we could never truly repay,

All we have is our love, please accept we pray.

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