American Working Families-homeless

Propaganda on the news,

saying you hate me

and I hate you,

but we don’t,

they lie,

they keep hidden the truth

so we don’t talk to each other,

we’re too afraid too.

What are they hiding?

It’s not about race,

not about the color of your face,

It’s all about poverty, you and me.

The middle class is gone,

prosperity gone,

they took it away,

now the children in the parking lots play,

in the hotels where their parents are forced to stay,

American parents,

working parents,

but they can’t pay,

for the home they once had,

now the children go to school every day,

come home to a one-room, room,

in the industrial park with the truck drivers,

and the drug needles lying on the ground,

in the hotels that should be torn down.

And no one knows, no one sees,

‘cuz it is all propaganda on TV.

Wake up people and see,

it’s not about you and me,

it’s about them,

the people we put in power,

it is about the power to keep us poor

and afraid

and fighting with each other

so we don’t talk,

keep us entertained.

If we are hungry

we won’t fight

‘cuz we have to survive.

And if we don’t know,

we don’t see the other side,


in white people, in brown, black, and yellow

every color, every belief,

while the propaganda

keeps us distracted

‘till we are all in poverty

and no one is free.


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