Day one motherhood

At fertilization, a miracle takes place,

A precious child, a unique embrace.

With traits determined, a destiny unknown,

Gender, ethnicity, and beauty, all their own.

In that sacred moment, a spark is lit,

A human being is formed, bit by bit.

A symphony of life, a blend of genes,

A tapestry of wonder, beyond what it seems.

Innocent and pure, at just seven days,

The baby finds her home in wondrous ways.

Implanting in the mother’s nurturing womb,

A haven of love, a cradle of bloom.

At ten weeks, a soul begins to thrive,

With tiny fingers and toes, so alive.

Sucking a thumb, and grasping with might,

A tiny warrior, preparing for life’s fight.

Loved by God, this precious creation,

A divine spark, a cherished sensation.

With every heartbeat, a symphony plays,

A testament to love in miraculous ways.

From day one the same rights as you and me,

The baby recognizes, voices with senses set free.

He feels the touch of his parents’ embrace,

A connection formed, filled with love and grace.

Science confirms, life’s sacred start,

At the moment of conception, a work of art.

A new human being, with a unique blend,

Deserves our protection, from beginning to end.

So let us stand tall, united, and strong,

Cherishing each life, for it truly belongs.

For at fertilization, a miracle takes place,

A human being formed, with love and grace.


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