Love, from “The Book”

Love is gentle Age 11

Love is gentle, It fills my heart with joyous glee.

Love is powerful. It cages you, yet sets you free.

Love is a fearful thing. It captures the mightiest in its trance

and yet love makes you feel completely safe, especially when we dance.

Love is truly beautiful. It is full of life and holds the knowledge of time.

It can be foolish, even silly sometimes, but never is a crime.

Love is a dangerous gamble, but your love is worth gambling for.

For you are everything that love is and much, much more.

David Responds

While rhyming can add a musical quality to poetry, it’s not a requirement for a poem to be considered as such. Many famous poets such as Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, and T.S. Eliot have written poems that do not rhyme.

The structure of a poem can vary widely and can include various literary devices such as meter, alliteration, and repetition. The most important aspect of a poem is its ability to convey emotion, thought, or experience in a way that is unique and powerful. A poet can achieve this goal through various techniques, including the use of imagery, metaphor, and symbolism.

Love, like a gentle breeze,
Caresses my heart.
Fills me with joy,
like a beautiful flower,
Love, wild and free.
like a powerful wave,
Captivates me,
with its strong embrace,
Imprisons me,
yet sets me free,
A force that cannot be tamed.
Love, like a fierce storm,
to bring the mightiest to their knees,
But in its eye, we find peace,
Love, like a dangerous game,
my heart cannot miss.
Your love is everything that love is.


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