News poetry (homeless illegal immigrants VS American veterans and families)

America, once revered, where dreams took flight,

where stars and stripes waved with resplendent might,

A tale now unfolds, it is a somber sight,

Of homeless veterans, cast out into the night.

In upstate New York, a bitter blow,

Where heroes find no solace, no place to go,

For hotels they sought, a temporary stay,

But evicted they were in a painful display.

Booted from their beds, cast out to the street,

Their sacrifice forgot no solace to meet,

While migrants arrive, seeking refuge anew,

The plights of our heroes are invisible, it’s true.

In the headlines a Nonprofit cries out, their voices unheard,

A plea for compassion, but justice is blurred,

For working American families, children, the homeless, those in need,

They languish in shadows, yet the news, of their pain, does not heed.

Why do we turn a blind eye to their plight?

The veterans who fought, for freedom’s pure light,

While migrants arrive, seeking safety and care,

The ones left behind, who will be there?

Let us not forget those who’ve borne the weight,

Their battles, their scars, the sacrifices great,

For in our homeland, they fought for us all,

Their resilience and courage, are an eternal call.

So let us stand together, hand in hand,

To honor our heroes, united we’ll stand,

For homeless veterans, and American families astray,

May compassion guide us, every single day.

Let not the news ignores those in despair,

For all lives matter, with burdens to bear,

In this nation, let justice prevail,

For homeless veterans, and American families, frail.

Salie Davis 2023


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