The Secret Place is Lost (from The Book) work in progress

Sarah was just ten years old when she stumbled upon a secret place nestled deep within the forest. It was a hidden haven where she and her newfound friend sought solace from the world. Tall pine trees stood like silent sentinels, guarding their refuge from prying eyes.

The grass was lush and green, tickling their bare feet as they ran and played. A small bush, home to chirping birds, offered them a front-row seat to nature’s symphony. But the true gem of this magical place was the stream that meandered through it all. Its waters sparkled like liquid gold, filled with silver fish that danced with playful elegance.

In this enchanted realm, Sarah and her friend let their imaginations run wild. Under the sun’s warm embrace, they laughed and shared stories. On days when the cold breeze whispered through the trees, they found comfort in the delicate touch of sun rays. And when the summer heat threatened to scorch the earth, the wind became their ally, carrying their laughter and secrets through the air.

In their innocent minds, the grass seemed to giggle with delight as they frolicked. The leaves on the trees rustled with joy as if joining in their mirthful escapades. Even the sun itself appeared to smile down upon them, casting bright beams that filled their hearts with warmth and happiness.

Sarah longed for nothing more than to return to that secret place, to reunite with her friend and share new tales of wonder. She yearned to relish in the companionship and build upon the memories they had crafted together. Oh, how she wished for the chance to revisit their cherished hideaway, to laugh and explore once more.

But as the days passed, Sarah sensed a change in her friend. Their once unbreakable bond began to weaken. Her friend grew distant, growing up more quickly than Sarah could comprehend. It seemed as if the magic that had tied them together was unraveling, leaving Sarah feeling abandoned and alone.

One day, Sarah wrote a heartfelt poem as a tribute to their shared memories. It was a love letter to the past, an ode to the enchantment they had experienced. With trembling hands, she presented it to her friend, hoping to rekindle the fading flame of their friendship.

To her dismay, her friend reacted with embarrassment and asked Sarah to keep their memories hidden. The magic that Sarah held dear was nothing more than a fleeting trick in her friend’s eyes. It was a painful realization, and Sarah couldn’t help but cry as the rejection pierced her heart.

With a heavy heart, Sarah knew she had to accept her friend’s wishes. The magic of their shared adventures was forced into the recesses of her mind, barely alive, a shadow of its former vibrancy. She complied, burying her pain beneath a smile, knowing there was no other choice but to move on.

Yet, deep within her, the memories persisted. They became bittersweet reminders of the power of childhood dreams and the purity of their once-unbreakable bond. Sarah clung to those memories, cherishing them like fragile treasures, hoping that someday her friend would remember the magic they had once shared.

The pain was still sharp, so she wrote a poem:

I once truly cared for you.

Once thought your friendship true.

Told you of my worlds within.

Unlocked my heart and let you in.

Oh, why I wonder could I not see

that you would also betray me.

She shared her poem with her friend David and put it in the little library book box outside his house.

He wrote her a poem in return:

Your words are filled with pain,

Your heartache is so very clear.

Betrayal is such a bitter strain,

Leaves scars that long will sear.

It’s hard to trust when hearts are broken,

And those we thought we knew,

Can turn their backs with words unspoken,

And leave us feeling blue.

But in the midst of all this strife,

There’s hope that can be found,

For hearts can heal and start anew,

When love and trust are sound.

So take heart and hold your head up high,

For though this friendship may be through,

There are brighter days ahead to try,

And friends who will be true to you.

Sarah found comfort in her new friend’s words. The memories of that secret place, the laughter, the love, and the joy they had known, would forever reside within Sarah’s heart. They served as a testament to the power of youth, where friendships were forged with unconditional love and unwavering truth.

And as Sarah moved forward, navigating the ups and downs of life, she carried those memories as a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit. She knew that, despite the fading magic, the bonds she formed and the memories she created would forever shape her, a beautiful testament to the everlasting power of friendship.


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