Post 2020 (Litotes)

In a world not absent of wonder, I now reside.

I am not unhappy, nor do I face a sorrowful tide.

My heart is not heavy, my spirit does not fail to soar,

I do not miss dancing upon life’s vibrant floor.

The sun is not cold as I sit beneath its golden ray,

The sky is not deficient in its rainbow display.

The whispering breeze does not carry a sad tune.

Nature’s symphony does not fail to make me swoon.

The birds are not silent in their fanciful flight

Their melodies are not absent day and night

Harmony is not quite, nor it’s chorus wanting for light

The voices are not solo, nor are they dull in delight

Life is not refused, devoid of simple pleasures

Our bonds are not broken, nor is it a worthless treasure

We do not isolate, dear friends, when we celebrate,

each moment is not neglected, nor is it too late.

Our laughter is not silent, nor is the bubbling brook

We are not burdened with care, our sense of humor took,

Our eyes are not dull, our lips not upside down grins,

We do not fail to banish worry and embrace life’s wins

The world does not remain constricted, as hardships unfold

Sadness does not wrap us in its lonesome hold

We are not alone as we wander, we are not without bliss,

not incapable of discovering the beauty of a gentle kiss

We shall not fail to savor life’s lack of bitter refrain

nor shall we shelter from the sunshine after the rain

For sadness finds no home within our souls

A tapestry of emotions that does not fail to unroll.

In this tapestry, the colours are not dull but true

Our sadness does not shine as the beacon to pursue

Our hearts are not ungrateful in dance and play

We do not die at this moment nor sing a sad serenade.

The touch of hate does not prevent us from healing a friend,

Hearts are not separated, on this journey we’ll transcend

Our hearts will not be closed our arms not crossed but spread

We will not fill the universe with sadness, as it has been said.

(Litotes, which is a form of understatement, is the opposite of hyperbole.)


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