Ottava rima (Logic attempts to conquer Emotion)

Logic attempts to conquer Emotion

Joy dances in the morning light,

Love’s embrace, a tender sigh,

Sadness weaves through the shadows of the night.

Anger’s fire, flames reaching high.

Emotions diversion, confuse, and excite,

Causing the mind, and logic to deny

In truth, love cannot physically embrace,

Nor emit sounds like a sigh in its trace.

Hope’s gentle whisper, guiding the way,

Peace, a tranquil river flowing, serene,

Fear’s icy grip, holding you at bay.

Loneliness, an ache within, unseen.

But logic is devoid of sentiments that sway

understanding that rationality follows a routine

In science, a symphony of rationality unfolds,

Where reason’s orchestra with order controls.

Confidence rises, bold and strong,

Gratitude, a humble heart’s embrace,

Doubt’s haunting whispers, can’t be wrong.

Regret, a bitter taste we can’t erase.

If we rely on reason, emotion does not belong.

After all, emotion is just a chemical base

Logic, a beacon of reason’s might,

Guiding thoughts with clarity, wrong and right.

Compassion’s touch, a soothing balm,

Surprise, a gasp, eyes wide with wonder,

Envy’s poison, causing hearts to harm.

Disgust, a shudder, emotions plunder.

Logic disarms confusion, sounds the alarm,

Restoring the tongue to a thoughtful responder,

With logic as our guide, we navigate,

Through the maze of thoughts, we contemplate.

Elation’s leap, like a soaring bird,

Curiosity’s flame, a quest to know,

Melancholy’s weight, emotions stirred.

Frustration’s knot, tied tight, won’t let go.

Logically, emotion is irrational and absurd!

Through observation and deduction, we grow,

Logic, the true key to unlocking the unknown,

Through analysis and reason, insights are sown.

Every question asked every doubt we raise,

Logic responds with precision, a rational reply,

Logic stands ready, to find solutions and praise.

Uncovering truths when our minds ask why.

Key to solving life’s puzzle, navigating the maze,

Guiding us onward, as time passes by.

In the realm where logic conquers and reigns supreme,

Emotions fade, existing only in the poet’s dream.

If only logic could conquer emotion’s sway,

But deep within, we know it’s not the case,

Dopamine, serotonin, and more are in play,

In a world where truth is an analytical chase.

They influence how we feel day by day.

Emotion’s power, no logic can erase.

But in the realm of reason, common senses align,

Emotion has no place in logic’s design.

Logic is a guide we explore and ponder,

It seeks to unravel the mysteries untold,

In the realms of reason, it casts its wonder.

Through analysis and deduction, logic takes hold.

In the science of energy, emotions, strength squanders

Feelings can not conform to logic’s mold.

For emotions, intricate as they may seem,

Originate from chemistry’s molecular scheme.

With rational thinking as our ally, we carry along,

in the realm of science, to delve into the core,

Navigating the pathways of reason, resolute and strong.

logically we can manipulate emotions, with a chemical score.

with analytic thinking we can rationalize right from wrong,

The enigma of emotions, no longer a coherent chore.

Within our brain, neurotransmitters reside,

we can change the signals that emotions provide.

If Logic won over, we could cast emotion aside,

Each word, calculated, precise, and clear,

No teardrops shed, nor joy’s radiant face reside,

No room for passion, no room for fear,

No verses of love, or tales of despair to guide,

No romantic longing, no burdens to bear,

A syllogism’s structure, unyielding and strict,

Embracing reason, emotions we evict?

Emotions like equations with variables unknown,

They too follow rules, though not always clear,

Emotions may fluctuate, but on patterns they’re prone.

Influenced by thoughts and the atmosphere.

Emotion and logic both hold the tone

In the presentation or attitudes they bear,

what if In the grand tapestry of life’s design,

Logic and emotion could co-exist, intertwine.

Both essential, though they may differ in kind,

logic may sometimes falter in defining its scope,

Together, they shape the depths of the mind.

Love’s essence remains an eternal hope.

if logic and emotion harmoniously aligned

Guiding us so that we can cope.

They serve a purpose, evolved through time,

Guiding our actions, a logical paradigm.


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