An Antithesis: Government truth

In the realm of truth, where honesty resides,

Lies from the government, where deceit collides.

People seeking clarity, seeking what’s right,

Government weaving webs of darkness, veiling from sight.

Truth, a beacon shining, guiding our way,

Government lies, a smokescreen, leading astray.

People yearning for transparency, trust to restore,

Government shrouded in secrecy, concealing even more.

Individuals speaking truth, with conviction they stand,

Government spreading falsehoods, like shifting sand.

People seeking justice, a world that is fair,

Government hiding corruption, acting without care.

Truth, a pillar of righteousness, unwavering and strong,

Government lies, a facade that deceives all along.

People demanding answers, seeking the light,

Government feeding falsehoods, obscuring what’s right.

In the battle of truth and government lies,

People’s voices rise, seeking to unmask the guise.

For truth, unyielding, will prevail in the end,

this web of deception, the people must mend.


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