News Poetry ( AI debate hits Congress)

In government offices, Artificial and human minds collide,

As OpenAI through IBM is evolving every day new,

AI emerges as alarms are sounded Congress-wide,

A technological storm, a futuristic view.

In the halls of Judiciary, a probing subcommittee,

While Homeland Security convenes, a separate space,

Explores the realm of AI, a matter of great pity,

To discuss AI’s role in the government’s embrace.

Altman, the CEO, just a tiny voice in the crowd,

The White House emphasized, with the profound decree,

as he, Met with Biden, failed to speak clearly, just loud

about Ethics in AI’s regulation and responsibility.

Mindful of the risks, Altman stands before all,

OpenAI pledges responsibility and care,

With a touch of fear, he embraces the rise, the fall,

Moving forward, the risks do we dare to bear.

Yet cautious voices rise, urging restraint,

A letter penned, demanding a pause,

Elon Musk and others, their concerns acquaint,

For society’s sake, a safeguarding clause.

Altman finds agreement, acknowledging the plea,

The letter, not the ideal route, he conveys,

Caution and rigor in AI’s journey to see,

safety is paramount in AI’s vast maze.

Balance in progress shapes the future, bold,

For AI, a double-edged sword, infinitely vast,

Debate and introspection, benefits and dangers untold,

Humanity’s destiny, hanging on each task.

A future uncertain is yet to unfold.

Let Congress and minds in unison converge,

The debate rages on, as AI takes hold.

To shape a future, who really knows what might emerge.


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