News Poetry (The news cries UnAlived!)

Asir Fatagar penned the words to reveal,

A story that stirred emotions, making hearts feel.

A news article spoke of sorrow and despair,

Of a man “unaliving” a woman he found fair.

But in the eyes of conservatives, a different light,

A narrative they claim, with biases held tight.

The loss of life, a tragedy indeed,

Yet voices cry out, claiming a different creed.

They say the media puts some crimes aside,

Ignoring facts, and truth in the investigation, they hide.

Lt. James Hester, in a press conference unveiled,

The investigation’s findings left many derailed.

No provocation found, shattered dreams.

According to the narrative, a random act it seems,

The motive, a mystery, deep in the night,

Why this abhorrent act, what drove him to the fight?

Following victim Lauren Heike on the trail,

He assaulted her, leaving questions to unveil.

Interrogation revealed his familiarity with the place,

But specific routes, he chose not to embrace.

A picture shown, he recognized the face,

Confessing his desire, wanting to resemble her grace.

The news article cries out, “Unalives” she,

A heinous act committed, for a twisted fantasy.

Others speak out, their voices resound,

Will he be sent to a woman’s prison, theories abound.

If true, the collection fears a greater disservice,

this madness we’re forced to traverse.

They claim this tragedy is swept under the rug,

Dismissed by Democrats, a political tug.

Dangerous criminals slipping through the cracks,

A system questioned, its integrity lacks.

Twitter users share their thoughts, their disdain,

With prior charges gone, plea deals to attain.

Criticizing the justice system’s approach,

keep dangerous criminals from any reproach.

Sarcastic comments echo, a bitter refrain,

A man’s actions met with disdain.

But let us not succumb to hate’s lure,

For in unity lies hope, a future secure.

As the people lament, claiming madness has won,

Fearing for their safety, what’s yet to be done.

Accusing Democrats of sending men to women’s prisons,

Their concerns echo, a cacophony of divisions.

Sarcastic comments in the virtual sphere,

Claiming a lack of consequences, feeding fear.

A Black man’s actions are deemed acceptable, they say,

But harming any life brings darkness to the day.

In the wake of tragedy, a plea resounds,

To prevent such incidents, where darkness confounds.

A loss to society, a productive member is gone,

May justice prevail, and heal the wounds drawn.

Zion William Teasley, his name now known,

In the eyes of the population, a narrative sown.

let us not forget, a life was lost,

In this web of divisions, let compassion exhaust.

In the face of tragedy, let unity arise,

And let compassion guide us, as darkness subsides.

Above all let us remember Lauren Heike’s name,

A life extinguished, caught in this cruel game.


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