Hope: from The Book

Chickens roam the fields all day,

Living freely in their way.

They spread their feathers with pride,

and cluck, cocka-doodle-doo, as they stride.

Yet their fate is sealed, they’ll be killed.

And the dinner guests will be thrilled

No more fields, no more sun,

Their lives will be over and done.

It’s not just a matter of taste,

But a life taken with great haste.

They feel pain and fear just like us,

And being slaughtered is unjust.

So let’s be kind to our feathered friends,

And choose a different meal trend.

Let’s show them love and respect,

And let them live without neglect.

Despite the turmoil and insensitivity she faced at home, Sarah continued to find solace and comfort among the animals that her family sometimes kept. It was like a small farm at times. They provided her with the love and understanding she desperately sought.

One day, as Sarah was tending to the rabbits, she noticed a small injured bird on the ground. Its wing was bent at an odd angle, and it seemed unable to fly. Sarah’s heart immediately went out to the little creature. She carefully scooped it up and brought it to her room, fashioning a makeshift nest out of an old shoebox.

Sarah named the bird Hope, as it symbolized her own desire for a better, more compassionate world. Sarah’s mother chided her, saying the bird was going to die anyway and she was making a silly fuss. The following morning Sarah found the bird had indeed died. She cried but found no comfort in her mother who only scowled and told her to throw it outside.

Sarah’s heart sank as she looked at the lifeless body of the bird. The little creature, once filled with vitality and the potential for flight, now lay still and cold. The weight of grief settled heavily on Sarah’s shoulders, as she mourned not only for the bird but also for the lack of understanding and compassion she received from her own mother.

With tear-streaked cheeks, Sarah gently cradled Hope’s lifeless form, whispering words of farewell and gratitude for the brief time they had spent together. She knew deep down that her mother’s dismissive remarks didn’t diminish the value of the bird’s life or the impact it had on her own.

Determined to honor Hope’s memory, Sarah decided to give the bird a proper farewell. She carefully prepared a small grave in a quiet corner of the yard, digging the earth with her bare hands. The act of burying the bird allowed Sarah to express her love and respect for the creature, giving her a sense of closure and connection to the natural cycle of life.

As the days passed, Sarah noticed a change within herself. The more she thought about Hope, the more determined she became to protect the other animals on the farm. She couldn’t bear to see them suffer any longer. With her parents’ disapproval and indifference, Sarah knew she had to find her own way.

Sarah used her creative talents to write poems about the importance of treating animals with kindness and respect. In the days that followed, Sarah found solace in her writing. She poured her emotions onto paper, crafting heartfelt poems and stories that spoke of the importance of kindness, empathy, and respect for all living beings. With each word, Sarah hoped to inspire others to see the beauty and value in every life, no matter how small or fragile. Unfortunately her efforts seemed to always fall short.

Sarah’s deep connection with animals became more of a burden as time went on. Haunted by the sound of crying rabbits, Sarah felt guilty enjoying rabbit stew, though it was a favorite and tasty dish she used to enjoy. Sarah’s days were filled with a heavy cloud of sadness as she navigated through a world that seemed indifferent to her emotions. The echoes of crying rabbits haunted her dreams, and the guilt of consuming dishes made from the very creatures she cherished tore at her heart. she felt guilty enjoying having food in her stomach. Sarah was consistently conflicted until it simply didn’t make any sense at all. All she had was her writing to pour out her feelings, but even then words were never quite enough.

Despite Sarah’s relentless efforts, she felt like a solitary voice in a world that didn’t fully understand or appreciate her. The poems she wrote and the messages she shared seemed to fall on deaf ears. The indifference she faced from her friends, and even her own parents, weighed heavily on her.

As the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, Sarah’s emotional burden grew heavier. The constant clash between her beliefs and the reality she faced wore her down. The isolation and loneliness gnawed at her, and the weight of the world’s indifference threatened to extinguish her flame of hope.


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