News Poetry: Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A stands tall, a beacon of care,A place of respect and kindness is rare.They model compassion, starting within,With commitment, respect, and understanding, As the news headlines speak politics and false claims,the majority voted against the boycott, dispelling false aims.Chick-fil-A's purpose is to be a faithful steward and sure,Glorifying God in all they do, a commitment … Continue reading News Poetry: Chick-fil-A

Art installations as 3d creations and scene building in virtual worlds as an interactive way of sharing.

There are many ways to bring creative writing into a 3d environment, through scripting, creating videos or adding videos in the world, sound files, creating objects with words printed on them, or simply visuals. Christmas songs and art installations as 3d creations and scene building as an interactive way of sharing.