Potten: from The Book

Sarah Age 12 Suzy had a bunny rabbit whose tail was soft as cotton. “Potten” was the bunny's name and in the pot went Potten As time passed, Sarah's emotional burden grew. The echoes of crying rabbits haunted her dreams, and the guilt of consuming dishes made from the very creatures she cherished tore at … Continue reading Potten: from The Book

Rhyme Royal ABABBCC (Keep Being You)

As a child lost in a world unkind,I stood alone, misunderstood and unseen,With bullies and cruelty not hard to find,Autism is hidden, my true self in between.I couldn’t understand why the world was so mean.Kids can be cruel, and adults can be too,But in their ignorance, they never knew, The battles I fought deep inside … Continue reading Rhyme Royal ABABBCC (Keep Being You)

News Poetry ( AI debate hits Congress)

In government offices, Artificial and human minds collide, As OpenAI through IBM is evolving every day new, AI emerges as alarms are sounded Congress-wide, A technological storm, a futuristic view. In the halls of Judiciary, a probing subcommittee, While Homeland Security convenes, a separate space, Explores the realm of AI, a matter of great pity, … Continue reading News Poetry ( AI debate hits Congress)

An Antithesis: Government truth

In the realm of truth, where honesty resides, Lies from the government, where deceit collides. People seeking clarity, seeking what's right, Government weaving webs of darkness, veiling from sight. Truth, a beacon shining, guiding our way, Government lies, a smokescreen, leading astray. People yearning for transparency, trust to restore, Government shrouded in secrecy, concealing even … Continue reading An Antithesis: Government truth

News poetry (homeless illegal immigrants VS American veterans and families)

America, once revered, where dreams took flight, where stars and stripes waved with resplendent might, A tale now unfolds, it is a somber sight, Of homeless veterans, cast out into the night. In upstate New York, a bitter blow, Where heroes find no solace, no place to go, For hotels they sought, a temporary stay, … Continue reading News poetry (homeless illegal immigrants VS American veterans and families)