Celestial conversation 2023 edit in progress

This is still in draft form and I have added dialog since the two movie attempts. I need to work on the narrative arc, character arc, and character voice distinction. One way I tried this is by using the rhyme sequence.

Stars, Sun, North Star, Asteroids, Comets, Moon, Planets, Orion, and Planet X a,b,c, a,b,c,

The Mysterious, Free flying skies, Constellations, Mercury a,b, a,b,

Eros Saturn The cosmos, The Milkyway AA BB AA BB

Neptune , Pluto, Venus, Mars, aaaa bbbb aaaa bbbb

Earth A,b,c,d, a,b,c,e

The stars contemplate:

Who amongst us, before Ouranus, father heaven, dies,

in the birthplace of stars, the nebula, is short of a supernova?

Who has created within their stellar system a paradise?

From mere terrestrial, to be proven divinity in the skies,

not in death reborn, but born a superior nova?

Look upon us celestial bodies and recognize!

You cold, and barren rocks of ice,

meteoroids, asteroids, and every comet.

Nothing more than space oddities,

but planets by our flame made into paradise

if we choose to unfreeze and life beget.

Of adoration, are we not found worthy in qualities?

So say us, the cosmos, YES!

Yet who, short of interplanetary dust,

is to be proclaimed a star, celebrated, divine in glory?

For fear, blinded by our light, we guess,

we contemplate in debate, a must!

who is the greater named in the story?

The North Star questions the skies:

If we seek to determine our superiority,

from amongst the cosmos lights,

lest we fortify a delusion of a lesser star,

who amongst us lacks the self-absorptivity,

to claim veneration rights?

Is one less worthy as a pulsar, or more as a quasar?

Consider the Centaur, Chiron, asteroid, or comet.

Tail bright and always flying,

Shining like a silver bird destined to elude.

Consider Luna Moon, with no luminosity on it,

yet to be like a star, pining,

to reflect Helios Sun’s magnitude.

Consider the All-Mother Earth,

Tellus Mater, yet a child by the relations,

of the known universe, relations we interweave.

By her, the starry heaven was given birth,

in dreams of mortal man, relative in stations

The minds of poets, who are we to conceive?

and if love is as life is, reborn and forever,

Is it the red giant, with its massive size,

or the pulsar, with its mesmerizing beat?

To decide, who are we to endeavor?

Perhaps the white dwarf, with its shining demise,

or the black hole, with its powerful retreat.

Is it the super-giant, with its luminous blaze,

or the neutron star, with its intense gravity?

who can claim the stellar crown,

Maybe the quasar, with its energetic craze,

or the brown dwarf, with its subtle majesty.

Who can mesmerize, who can astound,

Each with its own unique and wondrous form,

all contributing to the cosmic symphony.

Every star, every rock, every space oddity,

Yet, in the grand scheme, we are but a norm,

mere players in this celestial fantasy.

Who deserves to be proclaimed a deity?

Out of chaos, dark energy comes together,

in life and death, perpetually reborn, life eternal.

Love is born then light, out of the night, Nyx and Erebus,

Let us seek the poet’s mind so that we might live forever.

Let us seek to guide us the meek, the minor orbital,

to decide, who is worthy of adoration, Us.

We like Ouroboros, and the Milky Way, are too often,

self-appointed, the heart of the universe, center stage.

Let us reside in the heavens, and seek in our quest,

those souls who dwell next to us, less than common,

humble, and modest within the sphere of influence to engage.

They begin anew before they end and judge us best.

The Sun converses with the skies:

Look upon my solar system whose heat and light I create.

Nine, plus or minus, revolve around me.

their life is by my solar nebula, self-sacrifice.

Even the moons numbering more than one hundred and fifty-eight

are gravitationally bound to me.

Of my celestial objects, I’ll seek advice.

Through creations influence, I have been endowed, of late

to bend to my will, asteroids, meteoroids, planetoids too,

comets, giant planets, and even interplanetary dust,

even a light year away from the Opik-Oort cloud

where they say that comets come to me, born new.

even as far as the Kuiper belt my power is thrust.

From amongst them, I’ll find a matchmaker, avowed

for my charismatic magnetism,

a force of orbital motion, my gravity!

I am a supernova, a fusion maker!

In my fascinating fascism,

the animate Earth shall choose a match for me,

One who is a giver, not a taker!

The Earth speaks to the Sun:

I am broad-breasted Gaia, worldly Earth,

The everlasting foundation, consider me,

to bestow upon you from Eros Amore, tributes of love

in poets mind and pen.

To the starry sky, Ouranos Uranus I gave birth,

and to Oceanus Pontus of ocean, and sea,

and Aer, that is mortal breath above.

Consider me a match, not a maker!

Ouranos, by Saturn, was put away, lost to my devotion.

Now Uranus is held in place in the sky.

Saturn was disposed of by Jupiter Jove’s desire,

in epics told far and wide,

to rule all of heaven in its motion.

You, Helios Sun, greater than Jupiter a failed star, placed high.

Now you are Apollo Sol and my passion for your flames leap hire.

Who is better together than us?

Consider me, I am earth.

by God-given life that the heart of mortal holds.

Your love reflects in the depths of my ocean.

And my love reflects in the mortal mind.

Consider me, and in me find worth.

For by Jehovah, all matter in the universe unfolds.

In Pontus is the constant motion of unfathomable devotion.

Know that I know you best.

Consider me, your light reflects in my sky,

with a fever of desire.

Pluto is dark and tells a dead story,

if you must compare to decide,

Consider me, and in my heaven, you will fly,

admired as my passion’s fire.

I can cast even Pluto out of the planetary category!

I rewrite science, and rediscover history!

Like your gaseous flares,

my volcanic flames leap up to meet you.

Like your solar wind,

a scientific wonder,

if comparison dares,

my breezes carry praises to greet you.

Let these continue without end.

If only you consider me.

Beyond Mercury, in this solar sea

I am wilder, and I am more free.

Beyond Venus in beauty, consider me.

Let me compare so that you understand,

I have faith in myself to be,

of your affection, worthy.

Even beyond Mars, consider me.

For I am the match for you!

With languages of Terra Earth and Tella Mater on my soil,

and Oceanus Pontus, and Neptune Poseidon in ocean and sea,

With Aether, the soul of the world in my sky,

Believe what I say!

I labor to give birth and provide a life that imaginings toil,

for I am equal in all I create and all I create is free!

All life through God emanates from me, as wild as I.

Know this to be true!

Is this not what any soul would ask of me,

to declare my devotion and my love?

Yes, I have faith in mortal thoughts to be of worth.

Consider us together!

I choose you poetically, as a match for me,

of all in the cosmos, the heavens above,

I, Gaia, Terra, Tellus Mater, All Mother Earth.

I am not a matchmaker, but your match!

The Sun scolds the Earth:

Of poetic myth are your wearisome words, ignorant Earth!

Third rock, easily by me made lifeless, silence your declaration.

These characters, primordial, are of you in fractions,

imaginings of a human heart, are of diminutive worth.

Titans, Olympians, names undeserving of my station

given by particles of living clay and contemptible in actions.

Yes, the characters of your world are of slender appeal!

What is your wind, earth, water, or fire?

Give it to me as a token.

Only Jehovah knows the truth so what is real?

That for my attention you would aspire,

Or else these bonds of life be broken.

You would have the stars speak of your element,

through the mortal minds of a dreamer.

However, my flames can mean life or my solar wind demise.

So, seek you, my contentment,

and forgo the poetic schemer,

lest your creation I despise.

You by God are of my making, compared, your fire an ember,

Your ocean, in my solar sea, a trickle,

your soil, compared to the masses I manage, merely dust.

You, quickly perishing, leave little to remember.

With a spirit rebellious and a soul that is fickle,

what is love if for your life I do not lust?

You give your mythic trifles to me as a token,

that you and your mortal minds would aspire,

for others, and not just my attention.

All your flowing words are selfishly spoken.

I see in your heart your true desire,

of your glory in the lyric to mention!

Seek not your contentment in fame and adoration, but mine!

Nor seek to steal my fire. Yes, my solar flames can mean life,

or like Mars, Venus, and Mercury, to death, they can burn you!

As Venus, facade, morning and evening star, a barren rock left behind.

As Mercury, in myth a thief, and Mars in war and strife,

None of these give life. Such is what illusion will earn you!

Now find, for me, more suitable a love,

worthy in stature to adore me.

Neither lesser nor greater for the respect I demand!

Find me one from the celestial bodies above,

but not one likely to bore me!

Now fear if you fail, heed my command!

The Earth responds to the Sun:

Oh Helios, Apollo Sol, hear me out!

Your scolding words, though powerful, are of a narrow mind.

Your flames bring life, but my soil brings it forth from the ground.

I am Life!

Your solar winds may bring change, no doubt,

But of this, I must remind

myself it is my air that vibrates to make all praises sound.

Shall my mortal praise you?

You are not the only one who has the right to be proud.

I am not seeking fame or adoration,

only to declare my love both day and night,

If you also declare your love for me.

For you, who is the source of life, declared loud,

I declare my devotion,

not to steal your fire but to reflect your light.

Will you not shine your light on me?

I am not selfishly spoken, but a voice of creation,

You ask for love more worthy in stature to adore you,

I believe it to be me,

for none can match my inner beauty,

not for glory, but to honor your magnificent manifestation.

and grace that I offer you.

For it is I who brings forth planetary diversity,

I create more life than all the known universe

from the tiniest microbe to the giant elephant.

I offer you the majesty of mountains, the serenity of the sea,

I am not lesser nor greater, but an equal partner in this cosmic dance.

Helios, dance with me!

If you choose me all will be celebrant!

In me is the vastness of the sky, and the intimacy of a tree.

It is through our mutual interaction that we find balance.

In your hesitance,

I will not fear your command

or your threat of punishment,

for I know that your heart,

is purer than your mind

in what you demand,

you only seek contentment.

to be a unified part.

I see purity in you.

So let us put aside our pride and our difference,

and embrace each other in a loving alliance.

For together, we can create a harmony that is truly divine,

together we can create creation,

a cosmic symphony, for all time. In prominence.

Your scorching words are like your flames, dividence,

full of heat and light, but lacking empathy sublime.

Silence your mind and speak with heart.

You forget that I am the mother of all life,

the birthplace of every creature under your gaze.

You boast of your power and boast of your might,

you lose yourself in your boasting

while belittling me with strife,

but without me, your light would be wasted days

without me, your flames, unreflected, wasted in the night,

Without me, you will go without.

What of the balance I bring to this dance?

Without my orbit, the planets would wander,

without my gravity to pull us together,

I have so much more to offer you,

lost in the abyss of your solar expanse.

You may hold the title of Helios Apollo but ponder,

without the dreams of mortal, meaning is lost forever.

Lost in madness, solarcy!

Your solar flares may bring destruction,

but my volcanoes and earthquakes bring renewal.

You speak of finding a new love,

when I could be your everything

you demand I head your instruction,

worthy of your attention, your desire though cruel,

you have not learned that true love

is not something you can make,

Your search for something greater, grander,

without an appreciation of what is already here.

I am Gaia, Tellus Mater, Terra, and Earth.

If not for you then for myself.

Do not chide me in my candor,

I am the natural world, by all found fair,

and fair in my matchmaking found worth.

I am what I am.

I am the love that sustains and nourishes every being,

from the smallest microbe to the largest whale.

I will not seek your approval or adoration,

I know what I know.

I know my worth and my place in this universe all-seeing,

But I ask that you remember me, Sun, as I bewail,

and deprive me not, my deserving validation.

And whatever will be, will be.

The Earth inquiries, to the free-flying skies:

Who amongst the constellations,

might pause for me and listen,

as I call out across this void?

Do not ignore me!

Have sympathy for my consternation.

Even you, the falling stars that glisten,

Comets, Meteors, Asteroids!

Look upon my sorrow!

You of the free-flying skies,

you, the nymphs of the heavens above,

become one with this ruddy light,

let it be your destiny

, and save me from the demise,

by accepting Helios Sun’s love.

Join Apollo Sol this night.

For you, I will write a new story!

Consider this, silver birds,

To Haley’s comet, I gave a name.

Such is mine to give for eternity.

In the hearts of poets to live on.

Now consider my words,

and receive equal fame.

To be one with the Sun is your destiny.

With honor and fame to follow.

The Sun’s stardom proclaims,

Farther than the Milky Way!

Won’t you do this for me?

I plead in earnest!

Bound to the Sun remains,

Shining in the night, saving my day

by taking this burden from me.

Let this match be made!

The mysterious speaks in a whisper:

The stars above remain silent,

their twinkling lights the only reply.

For though they hear the Earth’s lament,

they cannot change or Sun’s decree defy.

Their beauty and grace, are a marvel to see,

yet powerless against the will of the Sun.

The Earth must learn to be free,

and find a way to live and run.

For though the Sun may scold and chide,

it is not the master of the Earth.

All must learn to live and abide

by and find their self-worth.

So listen not to the Sun’s decree,

but instead, follow your path.

For in the end, it is you who must be,

the master of your fate, not the Sun’s wrath.

The free-flying skies respond:

Dear Earth, we hear your call,

your plea for help in this hour of need.

But to bind ourselves to the Sun’s thrall

is not a fate we desire or concede.

We are free to roam and wander,

to dance amongst the stars up high,

our beauty and wonder,

seen by every mortal eye.

We cannot sacrifice our freedom,

to be enslaved by the Sun’s might,

to be one with another would be seldom

the path we choose. We choose to take flight.

We offer you our sympathy,

and wish you well in your plight,

but to join with the Sun’s destiny,

is not something we will invite.

We will continue to shine and glow,

each in our unique way,

and help you in our flow,

to brighten up your day.

So fear not, dear Earth,

for the skies above are full of light,

and though we may not share the Sun’s birth,

we will guide you through the darkest night.

The Asteroids decline the Earth’s invitation:

As spirited maidens of the skies,

we are made to fly free thus,

untouched by the scorching hand of a union.

To agree to such gravitation is unwise.

We would be sure to lose part or all of us.

Our ruin is not worth such communion.

The Sun seeks, in its stardom,

beyond the asteroid belts to be proclaimed,

from here to there in a milky way.

We do not seek martyrdom,

or to be depleted and maimed!

So, we are heading the other way.

From the Kuiper belt amongst the stars

to the Oort cloud, we travel together as one.

Far and wide beyond the Milky Way,

and by the creator, greater stars,

we see there than your Sun.

On a single star’s side, we cannot stay.

As silver birds, we travel together,

In and out amongst the stars.

Near and far and wide,

as free fliers, we are happy forever,

amongst pulsars and quasars,

but never by them do we stay.

We slide down the rainbow

of planetary rings.

Our voyages afar are the envy of all.

With our tails aglow,

and fire for wings,

we are too far gone, to answer your call.

The Earth understands:

I hear your words and understand,

that your paths lie far and wide,

I will not force you to join me,

in this match that I must find.

Amongst the stars and distant lands.

Your freedom is your pride.

Your journey is yours to see,

I almost envy your flight.

I will not implore you to stay.

as you glide through the universe.

Though we may never meet again,

May your travels bring you joy,

your destiny, yours to play.

never lose your love for the diverse.

May the heavens be your friend,

May you find new worlds to explore.

Oh free fliers, I understand,

your destiny is not to be tied to one,

but to be free and fly amongst the stars.

So go.

I see now that my request was foolish and unplanned,

for you are meant to soar and shine like the Sun,

and travel afar, near and far.

Leave me now.

I apologize for the imposition,

and I wish you well on your journeys to come,

as you blaze a trail across the sky.

Forgotten and already gone.

May you continue to bring wonder and inspiration,

as you travel through the cosmos and roam,

and may your beauty never die.

In the memories, you leave.

I thank you for your candid reply,

and I hope that one day, we may meet again,

under different circumstances and skies.

So be on your way.

Until then, I bid you farewell, as you fly,

and I will cherish the memories of when

your brilliance lit up my eyes

though darkness follows.

The mysterious gives advice:

Let the balance of the cosmos guide you,

not the egotism of one shining light.

For in the grand scheme of things, it is true,

that all stars are equally bright.

So, seek not to appease the Sun’s vanity,

but to find a love that is true and pure.

One that will cherish your humanity,

and help your planet to endure.

For in the end, it is not power or fame,

that will bring you peace or contentment.

It is the love and compassion you claim,

that will bring you true enlightenment.

So, look beyond the stars and the sky,

and seek love that is humble and kind.

For in that love, you will find,

the key to a universe that is truly divine.

The North Star gives council to the Earth:

If you seek this to resolve,

the arrogance of the cosmos,

by appeasing the conceit of a single reign,

then your solar family will revolve,

in a system of pathos

Not even one left sane.

For a star that imprisons a soul,

by manipulation,

is unworthy of regard.

The Sun seeks to control,

only to raise its’ station,

and then discard.

Be wary if you care,

and if you do not, be wary still,

in relationships, you interlace,

by the lives you pair,

for only God’s will and not our will,

can interweave the very fabric of space.

What are we to devise who is qualified to become one?

If you value others with respect,

seek one ardent, for if love is vain, is life only self-important?

You must find a body to look after this Sun,

that this star, self-superior, might be kept in check,

to make your solar system content.

The Earth offers a thought to the Sun:

I am sure there are other stars such as you,

to replenish this barren world.

Don’t find me too plain-spoken,

If I am to be your matchmaker,

I am content in my orbit around you.

More so I speak for fear of the darkness lest I be hurled.

So I offer you this token.

What better match than a star for a star,

and the North Star speaks in words of good sense

and shines the brightest in my night.

Consider this noble luminary,

to end my quest and let Polaris

guide life’s direction through the universe immense.

To compliment your light,

and make my night less solitary.

Listen to this match I’ve made.

The North Star leads with wisdom and insight,

all those not clouded by an arrogant mind

if they but look up with open eyes.

Let my quest be in victory!

Who better to guide you in your night,

than this one whose heart is kind,

and for me, a comfort, so be advised.

And all agree,

this Guiding Star shines with affection

when in shadows your light leaves me.

On my darkest night, I am not lost.

So choose to accept this fate.

Even mortal love finds romantic connections,

shown the way on land and sea,

that none be star-crossed.

What say you, Helios?

The Sun scoffs:

Let the North Star glow and let it fade.

While you below alight with my shine.

I am most worthy to be adored.

My rays are a flow of golden cascade,

and all know this light to be mine.

Yet you bring me discord!

Although I delight in the love of par,

you suggest I shine only in the day.

By hours of darkness am I to compete for affection?

By what right does this North Star,

draw the night and show lovers the way?

Put aside your thoughtless contemplation!

If darkness were to surround you,

to make miserable your mirth!

Would you then understand?

To find for me, I have bound you,

one short of my worth,

yet worthy of my hand.

The Earth responds:

I do not seek to diminish your light,

nor do I wish to compete for affection.

I simply offer an alternative view,

this task has given me, the command to complete,

that the North Star may guide lovers in the night,

when your light is absent, with direction,

and be a source of comfort too.

Are we not deserving?

You are the star of the day,

your warmth and light are vital for life,

and I am grateful for your shine.

For me, it is enough.

But the night has its display,

with stars that twinkle and strive,

and the North Star, steadfast and divine.

Yet you reject?

Ah, enough of this argument,

in my orbit leave me spinning,

alone in my lament.

Must I go on searching?

Facing your arrogance there is no winning!

So I go my way again in exploration.

The Earth pleads to the constellations:

Oh, cry for me, heavens gatherings!

For your design is the awe of mortal dreams,

and this quandary is a quagmire by a promise I cannot leave.

Will just one help me?

Why bother in this matter of things?

If I perish so will you, corporeal esteem.

What are your myths to entertain if there is no one to believe?

Is Polaris not one of you?

No adoration do I seek,

but sympathy for this omen!

Is there not one of the eighty-eight,

Alpha Centauri? Betelgeuse?

named by the Sumerian, Chaldean, or Greek,

Babylonian, Egyptian, or Roman,

to take on this task and save my fate?

Vega? Pleiades? Antares?

Save me from the wrath of the Sun!

I implore lest all on Earth ignore you!

From this quest set me free!

Canopus too!

To rescue is there not one?

Any in this great circle will do.

Will not one arrangement answer me?

Any of the Zodiac?

The constellations respond:

We hear your plea, dear Earth,

and though we are mere patterns in the sky,

we understand your fear and your plight.

We cannot change the course of your birth,

nor can we prevent the Sun’s fiery eye,

but we can offer you our light.

Each of us has a story to tell,

a myth or legend that speaks to the heart,

and though we may seem distant and cold,

we are here to guide you well,

to lead you safely through the dark,

and to offer you solace in the fold.

Look to the stars, dear Earth,

for we are your companions and your friends,

and though we cannot save you from the Sun,

we will be with you for all your worth,

until your journey comes to an end,

and with you, our journey is done.

Orion feels pity for the Earth:

What can I do to comfort you, plaintive one?

I too have been scorned in love,

and blinded by hate.

Then given sight by the eastern rays of the Rising Sun

yet by a Love to die and be placed above.

Take heart, your deliverance I can imitate!

Now, what can you do for me?

If I can do this for you?

Proclaim me, lest you lament,

The great hunter of all you see.

The task you ask for is not easy to do

to make a discontented star content.

The Sun is bright but only in your skies.

To find one to love such unhappily!

As I loved Merope,

they must be a believer in lies,

just as Artemis loved me.

my love is now vengeance for ardor’s hope.

I will shoot and cause Selene to swoon,

With arrow and bow

I shall take from mischievous Eros

Revenge on the Moon!

Selene, sorrow will know!

So apt with the arrows!

By my aim, I will not falter

To bond these twins, an unnatural mate.

The Sun’s heart by the moon

will be placed on an alter

when this satellite, I permeate.

Then on Earth, I shall boon.

The Earth contracts with Orion

End this exhaustion, this burden I carry

Join this one with the Sun and I swear by my word.

Orion, let your arrow fly to find the immortal naive,

end this doomed epic!

Find with whom to this curse we will marry

and I will make you a legend of this world

a handsome giant, mighty hunter, strong and brave.

End my sweeping quest

and on charts, your name will be displayed.

The Sun will be confined within this celestial sphere

and in sight of me for my life remain.

Let me claim victory!

By this union, an ecliptic path shall be laid

and followed year by year

To be kept in check and keep me sane

by the calendar of time-bound!

The Zodiac protest:

Orion, we appreciate your offer,

but cannot condone your vengeance.

Love should not be used as a weapon,

for it brings only pain and disorder.

Let us not cause further interference

in the affairs of heaven.

Instead, let us focus on harmony

and finding a peaceful resolution.

Perhaps the solution lies in unity,

in joining forces with the constellation family,

to bring about a positive revolution

and protect our celestial community.

Let us seek counsel from the wise elders,

from Cassiopeia to Ursa Major,

and find a way to mend this strife.

For only by working together,

can we ensure our mutual survival,

and preserve the wonders of our life.

The Zodiac continues:

We hear your plea, oh Earth.

and we offer our compassion and care.

As ancient myths and modern science blend,

we hold the stories of the universe’s birth,

and know the importance of your share

in the celestial dance, shall it never end.

From Orion’s belt to the Big Dipper,

we see your plight and feel your pain.

The heavens are vast, but we are not distant.

We are your friends, your starry whisper,

and together, we shall break this chain

of the Sun’s arrogance and insistence.

The zodiac signs and the Milky Way

are here to help and lend a hand.

The North Star’s light shines bright and true.

The constellations will not betray

your plea for help, we understand

and will work together to see you through.

For in this vast and wondrous space,

we are all connected and intertwined.

The Earth, the Sun, the constellations, evermore.

We’ll lend our aid and embrace

to bring forth a solution to bend the mind

and ensure our universe can soar.

The Mysterious whispers:

The Universe is calm and still,

With stars and planets all in tune,

But Orion, with a fiery will,

Disrupts the peace, a moment of ruin,

aimed bow and Cupid’s arrow,

at the Moon, so bright and true,

Ignoring warnings, mind narrow,

let the arrow fly, it flew.

The Moonstruck with love’s embrace,

Falls for the Sun’s warm, golden light,

But the Universe will not erase,

the anger burning in might.

The stars, twinkle with dismay,

will Sun and Moon become one,

the Universe, in disarray,

Wonder what can be done.

False love upsets the balance,

and Orion, with rash desire,

causes cosmic malice,

that threatens all to expire.

Shall the Universe give in,

or work to restore harmony,

For love, is not a sin,

when balanced, it is destiny.

The Moon speaks from out of the Skies

What is this pain in my chest?

I feel as I have never felt before.

Has my face been shaken by an asteroid?

Emotions come forth that did not exist.

Love explodes from this hole in my core!

My surface is stirring, filling the void.

I see a star in my eye tonight.

Till it is mine there will be no rest.

To reflect, my heart has bidden.

This first star comes into sight

as I shudder at this pain in my chest

for in me love’s dart hit and is hidden.

It is my brother, the Sun for which I cry.

I seek to share in its astral flight

I long for its golden heart,

I must steal it from the sky.

it has nearly torn my soul apart,

wrong or right, I will not ask why.

The Moon Woos the Sun:

Let us shine as we were born, side by side,

cutting through the darkness of night,

as the Earth alights between you and me.

Our union will be known wide.

Let us be together in the shining daylight.

All shall know our love was meant to be.

If you warm my day,

I shall set fire to your night,

and we shall shine as one!

Hear what I say.

By my side take flight.

I give my life to you, Oh Sun!

The North Star may navigate,

lovers when your light fails.

With this, my attributes compare.

I guide the ship’s fate,

by the Oceans sways and sails.

My soul to you I lay bare.

Consider me, see my moonbeams.

As you talk about how you love to shine,

my moonlight also shines to love.

I hold the key to your dreams,

and you hold the key to mine.

Let us become one in the sky above.

The Sun retorts towards the Moon:

How dare you speak of such to me, the Sun?

What matter of match claim you,

to talk to one so high, lowly sister Moon,

When stature you have none?

and nothing to offer me, I blame you!

Ha! And you expect me to swoon.

Cast off these dreams, foolish heart!

Your fondness is mere fancy.

Greater clumps of dirt I have consumed.

Let loose your schemes of love, depart!

This reflection that you see,

Is your fate, Doomed?

What form are you to know me?

I seek one to give me love,

that the stars be shown I rule the sky.

What greatness can you show me?

for, I am the Sun below and above.

I own this love let none this deny!

The Moon beseeches the Sun:

With your rainbow as my reflection,

and a shadow made of moonlight,

Let me be found convincing.

I shall let you know of my affection,

as I go into the night,

with you to be romancing.

For my heart, it sings!

I am alive when once I was dead.

By a star, my soul revived.

Oh, such fanciful things,

are dancing a halo around my head.

How could this love be contrived?

For you are the Sun,

and I am the moon

a mere reflection of your splendor,

You are the one,

that makes my heart swoon,

Love to the receiver, love the sender.

The Constellations inquire of the Earth:

What are these words we hear,

of the Sun and the Moon?

Who but the Sun determined itself to be great?

For what reason does this satellite care,

for the Sun to swoon?

What trick is this of fate?

Are you to be a matchmaker,

or shall it be left to chance?

This delusion we fear.

For the Sun was born a taker,

and what is left for romance?

Not in the words we hear.

The Moon is no match for the Sun.

Innocence born is taken.

How can this bond abide,

by the selfish acts of a self-loved one?

This love must be mistaken.

From us, the truth, do not hide!

The Earth responds to the constellations:

You know too well, Orion took from Eros bow and arrow,

playing cupid of the skies.

But it was Dionysus that sealed this doom.

Are you to accuse the matchmaker?

You act of narrow minds.

This act does not despise

for it was Oenopion that blinded the Moon.

And Helios demanded a match.

Of Artemis, ask the bear, Callisto,

with silver light that shines dark,

shining only as a blemished jewel,

could the bear do any better?

To find a good match for Apollo, the jealous minstrel.

Anyone else in shining brings vengeance to embark,

for in their youth, one was reckless and the other, cruel.

The Sun and Moon, are both soiled!

Let Selene have time as a luminary.

All of creation is relative to each other.

Mind yourselves, not this romance.

This system is not yours.

Leave this solar system solitary.

What need do you have to bother,

in this convenient happenstance!

Do you desire to be with Sol paired?

The Moon Continues its Dialog with the Sun:

Stature I may have little of,

though you are great,

consider me,

greater is my love.

My love why hate?

Consider me.

You and I can share the sky.

For our name,

greater than all stars that we see,

side by side you and I,

should be proclaimed.

If I had my way that is how it would be.

All those on earth will know of our love,

and all those in heaven will see.

Consider me.

From all the heavenly bodies above,

our astral arrangement is a prodigy.

Consider me.

However, for our love to grow,

It takes the effort of two.

Consider me.

How deep our love could go.

This is my response to you.

Oh! Consider me.

The Sun counters and demands:

My flames will reach higher,

If I consider you,

to shine on the Earth through the night,

for my passion and desire,

this for me you will do,

be reflective of my fiery light.

If your love is true,

then your promise keep.

Upon the Earth reflect my flame.

If I consider you,

for my love to reap

you must radiate my acclaim.

Yes! Greater than all stars, it is true.

I see you see what all should see in me,

a perpetual nova.

So do what you have said you will do.

If love grows, what will be will be?

and Love me, your Casanova!

The North Star intervenes:

Eros! Stop this injustice and make right this wrong!

From Selene’s core remove your dart,

lest the Sun’s self-important depravity,

end the harmony of eternity’s song.

Let free will once more enter the Moon’s heart,

and remove your arrow from its inner cavity.

To allow this lie is to give birth,

to such self-centered gravity,

to cause the Sun to collapse in upon self,

in self-appointed celestial worth,

lest the Sun ensnare all matter and energy,

as Collapsar and the universe engulf.

Eros responds to the North Star:

Polaris, North Star, your speech is grieved,

but the arrow, once shot, cannot be retrieved,

Love cannot be undone.

For it has already begun.

The Moon’s heart has been deceived,

But love’s fire cannot be bereaved.

The Sun’s ego may indeed be grand,

But in love, one must take a stand.

The Moon’s love is pure and true,

And it is not for us to undo.

Instead, we must hope and pray,

That the Sun will see the light of day,

And realize that love is not about power,

But about giving oneself, hour by hour.

Let us hope that the Sun will open its heart,

And let the Moon be, in part,

a love that is greater than any star,

A love that will shine brighter and go far.

The Sun Continues towards the Moon:

If your love is true then prove your devotion!

Let the North star be put to shame!

In the darkness, upon you, my reflection will shine,

and the living waters of Gaia in constant motion,

will outweigh the wonders of Polaris’s fame.

To uplift my station, by your mirror of my light., divine

Your love may be deep,

but to gain my consecration,

can it reach that height?

This promise, you must keep.

Create for me a name, a station.

To shine in the day, and darkness of night,

let the North star be shamed!

As you admire from far away,

all shall fathom my might.

Let your heart be blamed

if by my side you do not stay

to be my delight.

Eros reconsiders:

How can I ignore the former plea,

understanding the danger of the destiny

of this love set in motion?

controlled by an arrow’s notion.

I shall take the arrow from Selene’s heart

turn back this night, let truth play its part,

and break the spell that bounds to the Sun.

let love for the Sun be done.

The Sun and Moon will shine on their own,

the light will dance, interweave, and be shown,

No longer bound by a love that is not real.

True love is bound that eternity shall feel.

The Moon doubts:

Oh Sun, your words are harsh and demanding,

as if my love for you is not enough.

I do not need to prove my devotion,

Instead, I need your understanding

our love can grow, sure-enough

if together in harmonic motion.

Yet I fear, my love of my heart,

you ask too much.

My want of you is to share the sky.

to do your part,

needs a loving touch,

in love far-flung must we fly?

My regard for you is never-ending.

I am content to be by your side, rough or smooth,

to share the sky and the stars above.

My reverence to you, find me ever sending

Your fiery temper allows me to soothe,

and your arrogance disposes of.

The night will only keep us apart.

Both light and dark are upon the Earth.

My light is my loss reflected,

shadowed by my breaking heart.

Your name will be proclaimed in satirical mirth

if I remain neglected.

But if it is your desire for me to reflect your light,

I shall do so willingly, as a symbol of our love.

And if it is your wish to have a name amongst the stars,

to reflect your fire throughout the night

a solar system to be part of,

for this love in reverence to be ours,

I shall shine for you, for your glory to rise.

But do not let your pride and vanity lead you astray,

for in the vastness of the universe, we are tiny.

Let my proclamations not take you by surprise

allow my night to join with your day

Let us not just shine but shine-free,

If not, where your love fails,

my love falls short.

Now I consider you.

Of this love, I bewail

and await your retort.

So, say what you will do.

The Sun begrudgingly yields:

Don’t darken my glory,

with your words that slight,

the day is mine.

Now you change your story,

though you have the night!

Is your heart like cancer benign?

Your whimpering is a matter of greed,

but to silence you I concede.

Now be warned if I find your heart untrue,

to these words I say, Take heed,

If you do not follow indeed,

A cold wind will blow in your soul right through,

and this star will not shine for you.

I’ll visit you some morning,

and you can come some afternoon.

For the sake of my glory too!

We shall share the sky in your mourning.

Keep the vow you swore to me moon!

So those on earth will see you as I am setting,

just before they close their eyes,

and in your dreams, we will be together,

Let this ease your fretting,

and on occasion when I rise,

and in the changing of the weather.

All will hear the song of your heart,

beating your love for me.

Your light will be pale before mine,

when together or apart.

Honored for your loyalty,

all will know that I am sublime.

The Moon pleads for guidance:

Of all the stars in these lonely skies,

is there anyone above?

Will none shine for me?

The Sun, once dear I now despise!

Am I to be punished because of love,

when in innocence, I believed?

When the nights are cold and dark,

when no stars give light to the sky above,

I will go on believing.

All these thoughts within my heart,

My hopes and dreams of finding love,

will give me a reason for living.

Yet now my dreams are swept away,

by the hardships this star defines.

I plead for any light from above!

Is there no one to save me from yesterday?

At least tell me of my crimes,

that I am found unworthy of love.

The North Star gives comfort:

You are not alone in the universe!

It is a natural satellite to seek love.

Consider me.

This solar system, though it seems adverse,

is just one in the endless heavens above.

Consider me.

Believe in your inner light!

The qualities you own,

and not merely what you perceive to reflect.

Look beyond the world’s night.

Fear not, the unknown.

Look beyond that which the egotistic project.

Not all stars seek to be self-defined.

Of dreams of love be not credulous.

Consider me.

Love is in dreams and the mind.

Do not let your soul be nebulous.

Consider me.

The Earth appeals to the moon:

To make one world,

it takes the heavenly bodies of two.

Reconsider the Sun.

and consider the consequence.

The seasons unfurled,

Depends upon both of you,

in unity revolving as one.

Rekindle your inner flame of love.

You make my darkness bright

when the Sun is in your eyes.

Remember your love as it began.

Consider all you have.

The Sun gives daylight

but alone could make no paradise.

Reconsider the Sun if you can.

In this consider me.

The guidance of Polaris

is quickly replaced,

by my magnetic pole.

Consider mortal lives,

For life, will you self-sacrifice?

Though unequally spaced,

let my gratitude fill your empty soul.

Re-consider the Sun.

The Moon considers promise:

It is my longing to see,

the rising and setting Sun,

so that I may respect my vow.

That honor might be with me

when this tapestry of life is done.

It cannot be unraveled now.

I don’t care if this night goes on forever.

Polaris you are more than I dared wish for.

However, some things are not as they seem.

If only for this moment, we are in thought together.

For you have healed this hollow in my core,

but all I have left to give is a dream.

To proclaim the Sun’s name,

to the heavens, I swore it!

and things cannot be left to chance.

My love. My truth. My blame.

I cannot ignore it.

Nothing is ever happenstance.

but is not reality born,

out of a dream, this dream of you?

What will this life have in store?

I did not seek the desire to form,

this dream to consider you.

so, I implore, tempt me no more.

And Mother Earth,

You are the world-given life,

by the heavenly bodies above.

In you I find worth,

Beyond my strife!

So, I will give to the Sun my love.

I am grateful for your affection,

though I entertain my desire for romance,

Could you subsist with another?

this is perplexing.

Yet, to protect you, I cannot take the chance

of a midnight lover.

Terra Gaia, Tellus, I give,

to you my devotion,

Stardust and moonlight.

I love for you to live,

to move your seas and oceans,

and live for you to love my light.

The moon concedes to the Sun:

I never conceived a few words spoken foolishly,

would leave me only with dreams.

If it were not for this world between.

I never envisioned how lonely this space could be,

with a universe of schemes.

So, I will silence my dream.

The stars will shine in the heavens above.

The Earth will shine below.

All will be cherished by mortal minds.

In mortal hearts, I will find love,

as I reflect on a star’s rainbow,

and time defines.

The Sun rebukes Veracity:

Dark Rock, your soul is revealed!

Honor you have none.

How dare you speak such!

The motives you’ve concealed,

are now seen by everyone.

For reputation, you clutch.

to steal my flame,

to steal my reflection,

to shine as your own,

to make yourself a name.

Enough of this deception!

Your treachery is known.

Your core is cold,

detached and alone,

this talk of truth, your reality,

regurgitated lies, though bold.

Your heart is made of stone!

Your words have no validity.

Your syrupy words, nauseating,

Fall like lead.

You have no life of your own,

so, in mine, you’re permeating,

because you are dead.

Yet I hear the earth groan.

So, keep your vow,

and in darkness fall,

lest the Earth be torn.

It is too late now.

It has been heard by all.

If faithless though be warned!

The Moon Accedes to the Sun:

Yes, I shall keep my vow,

and forsake my sanity.

Yet hold onto silent dreams.

With light, there will be a shadow,

a reflection of your vanity,

despite worldly schemes.

I saw your face,

of sunshine a glow,

and fell in love with its fire.

And my disgrace

is that I did not know.

The difference between love and desire.

Although dark,

by night, the lovers, dream of light.

And this shadow, which is my being,

will not be torn apart,

by wrong or right,

to prevent true hearts from seeing.

The hope that shines

in my core

Though cold,

Holds light that blinds,

motives pure,

and dreams bold.

Yet as surely as you set,

And as surely as you rise,

I will treat you of the kind.

For in this, I owe you a debt.

Of desires deception, I am now wise.

If conscience enters your mind,

if only to hope,

with the dawning day,

love comes back to me.

If only this dream in its scope,

may someday,

Become some other reality.

If a dream

is all I have to show,

now and through eternity.

Then I shall dream,

and let all on earth know,

there is more than this travesty!

Yes, I am the moon!

and in my gravity,

lovers by my light,

shall in passion swoon,

to reverie and fantasy,

in the moonlit night.

As eternity treads this celestial sea,

if your orbit is found loyal,

faithfully a step ahead and behind,

you can trust that you will find me.

For I am Selene Royal,

Of free will and sound mind.

Planet X speaks:

A speck of solar dust,

The moon is accused.

Rest in this reality.

Are we not absent of relational lust,

with relative science fused?

I am Planet X.

I am both a letter, number,

And an unknown quantity.

Are we categorized by sex?

Who has the say to encumber

us with a mindless category?

Be at rest Terra Soil,

Many names have you.

You are all these and more, have you?

As a Mother, you toil,

With Father Time, you grew.

But you exist beyond this I assure you!

Bright star adored by mortal man,

all days are numbered, even yours.

You are not the brightest in all of creation.

The hand of time is moved by God’s plan.

Even the brightest, the black hole obscures.

You live only to serve your station.

As you orbit be at rest.

All are equal in this solar family tree.

Feeble minds categorize,

To determine who is best.

In truth, it is best, to be free.

The Mysterious responds to Planet X:

Planet X, mysterious and wise,

You speak with an otherworldly voice.

In your words, truth and wisdom rise,

For you see beyond our limited choice.

You remind us that all are but dust,

Tiny specks in this vast universe.

Our labels and categories are a must,

For our minds to make sense and converse.

But we should not forget our unity,

As members of this cosmic family.

Our differences make us unique,

But our similarities make us divine.

We all have a role to play and seek,

To fulfill our purpose and shine.

Thank you for your cosmic insight,

And for reminding us of our place.

May we continue to grow in light,

And honor the beauty of space.

The Earth responds:

This wisdom is great, beyond that of any star,

but what is a world without love and passion?

Must we accept a life without an ardent partner?

Am I not to be a matchmaker?

Is it wrong to seek a love that will not mar,

the essence of our existence and compassion,

to unite with another and conquer?

Am I not the child of creation?

We do not seek to appease the conceit of a star

or to be controlled and discarded like a pawn.

We seek a partner with whom to share our light,

To seek companionship cannot be wrong,

together, to explore the universe afar,

to create a new dawn,

and to shine brighter and more luminous, in the night.

Before time ends, or when time ends

perhaps we are destined to be alone,

to wander the universe, a lonely planet.

But if there is a chance for love and companionship,

Is it not a chance worth taking?

We will seek it out, on our own,

and not just take what is granted,

but rather, seek out a love that is a true partnership.

Can I release this task?

Must we continue to search,

for a star that is worthy of our love and respect?

And if we do not find one, will we despair?

In this chase, I am no match,

For in the end, it is not the search,

but the journey and the quest,

that makes life worth living, and love worth the care.

This epic I relinquish.

The constellations respond to Planet X:

Your words are wise,

and remind us of our place.

We are all mere specks in the sky,

spinning in endless space.

Our names and titles may vary,

but in the end, we are all one.

Bound by the same cosmic ferry,

revolving around the same burning Sun.

But let us not forget the beauty,

in our diversity and unique light.

For each has its duty,

and its special sight.

The Sun reflects:

Has all of this creation been explored?

I desire simply to give life and light.

And though my days may be numbered,

I do not seek simply to be adored,

I will shine with all my might.

Let us not be encumbered,

by petty categories or hierarchy.

For we are all part of this wonder,

For we are all connected in existence,

this vast and mysterious galaxy.

disconnected is to be torn asunder

orbital gravity requires our consistence.

So let us celebrate our differences,

in this wisdom I agree,

and appreciate each other’s worth.

In ages to come and ages hence,

I am an equal and nobody is greater than me,

even the tiny planet we call Earth.

These celestial words are kind and thoughtful,

and I am grateful for all concerned,

Perhaps my destiny is to shine on my own,

I am not the one scheming or plotful,

I am the one that has been spurned,

yet sharing light with all worlds, not just one.

The Cosmos is one, a constant presence,

and its combined wisdom is to be revered.

But it is not a substitute for companionship.

Only God is true omnipresence,

and God knows reputations unjustly besmeared,

cannot be made right by fellowship,

We must learn to be comfortable with ourselves,

embrace our solitude, and find joy in our light.

Only then can we truly share ourselves with others,

Let mortal mind gossip amongst themselves,

my passion is devotion, and I oppose this fight.

Does the definition differ between love and lovers?

Without losing our identity.

let us all shine bright,

and find peace in our radiance.

Let us orbit as we were meant to be,

with good foresight,

to find peace in each other’s brilliance.

From a hypothetical existence

comes my final word

let all creation fall silent to reflect.

All are the same in co-existence.

No more relational bounds be heard.

All are individuals in respect.

Mortal minds love.

And mortal minds divide.

All are mortal in creation.

Time rules, both below and above.

Beyond time all will at some point, abide.

So ends this declaration.

AI story introduction: Seraphia and her Celestial Dragon

This came from Playground – OpenAI API

I have been playing with different AIs, Chatbots and AI image creation bots. Here is the prompt given this bot. 

“Tell a story about an autistic girl named Seraphia and a celestial rainbow-colored small dragon named Starfire, a tale of courage, determination, and the power of friendship, where a young girl with autism and her celestial dragon companion, overcomes the prejudices and misconceptions of others, to prove that true strength comes from within, a reminder that we should not judge, or label others based on their differences, but rather embrace them as unique and special individuals, to understand that being different is not a weakness, but strength and that everyone has the potential to be a hero in their own way.”

The prompt comes from a portion a story created by ChatGPT and edited by me. This is the response of the OpenAI Playground program.

“Once upon a time, there lived an autistic girl named Seraphia and her faithful companion, a celestial rainbow-colored small dragon named Starfire. Seraphia was a brave and determined girl. She faced many challenges in life due to her autism, and often felt misunderstood by those around her. Starfire, however, remained her faithful companion, understanding her needs and standing by her side through thick and thin. One day, Seraphia was walking with Starfire when they stumbled upon a group of people who were mocking and teasing her for being different. Seraphia was about to cry when Starfire stepped in and roared fiercely, scaring the bullies away. Seraphia was amazed by Starfire’s courage and bravery. From that day onward, the two became closer and closer, and Seraphia’s confidence began to grow. She started to believe in herself and her own strength, and slowly started to overcome the prejudice and misconceptions of those around her. With Starfire’s help, Seraphia proved that true strength comes from within, and that being different is not a weakness, but a strength. She reminded everyone that we should not judge, or label others based on their differences, but rather embrace them as unique and special individuals. Through this story, Seraphia and Starfire showed us that everyone has the potential to be a hero in their own way.”
I have found that most AI content creations are fairly repetitive in most themes. I am not at all concerned that AI would replace human creativity, but instead serve as a tool to inspire human creativity.

DALL·E 2023-01-30 16.52.26 – realistic painting of a Long-blond-haired girl riding on a celestial rainbow-colored dragon

Seraphia and her Celestial Dragon AI images remaster and story prompt rewrites by Salie Davis.

In this time and place, lives a young girl given the name, Seraphia. She is different from other children. She is autistic. This often makes other people misunderstand her, but Seraphia is not alone. She has a special companion – a celestial dragon named Starfire.

Starfire is not like the dragons of legend. He is small and has shimmering scales that sparkle like rainbows in the early morning mist and like stars in the night sky. His wings are also rainbow-colored, but unlike the cold leathery wings one might imagine a dragon to have, they are soft and warm as feathery down. He often wraps them around Seraphia like a comforting blanket to warm her heart when she needs it the most.

He was sent to Seraphia by the celestial being, to be her companion and protector. No one else can see Starfire.He is a magic dragon after all. Seraphia often talks about him but pretends that he is only in her imagination.

Seraphia and Starfire spend their days exploring the countryside and playing in the fields. They are happy together, and Seraphia’s autism does not hinder her because their friendship gives her inner strength.

One day, while they were out exploring, they came across a dark and sinister forest. The trees were twisted and gnarled, and a thick mist hung over the ground. Starfire warned Seraphia that they should not enter, but she was curious and would not be deterred.

People often told Seraphia that she was not capable to do things because she was autistic. Even the elders and wise men of the community assumed she was just a helpless child, who could never be anything more than what they imagined her to be. Seraphia knew differently. She was determined to prove everyone wrong.

As they ventured deeper into the forest, they came across a terrible creature – a giant, fire-breathing dragon. The dragon was fierce and terrifying, and Seraphia and Starfire realized that they were no match against his terrible rages!

Seraphia was very frightened. She took a deep breath, but instead of running away, she stopped and quietly observed the dragon. She didn’t try to speak to the dragon. She didn’t try to stop the dragon as he thrashed about, she just quietly sat on a rock and waited for him to calm down.

She understood, because of her friendship with Starfire, that dragons were not necessarily mean just because they were dragons. She also understood that being different often made people afraid of you, even when there was really nothing to be afraid of. She understood how it felt to be judged wrongly and could understand why the dragon was so upset.

She understood this, because people treated the fact that she was autistic as if it was a bad thing. People assumed being autistic made her weak and incapable, but she knew differently!

Her parents couldn’t help but realize she was different from the moment she was born. They saw her difference as being special. They didn’t always understand her, and it wasn’t until many years later that they finally discovered why she was so special.

Her name was Seraphia! Her parents gave her that name because they knew she would be great, that she would fly high! Others only saw her as a disability, but her parents saw her inner magic! Seraphia knew what it was like to be misunderstood, just because of assumptions based on ignorance, even still she chose kindness and love in the face of ignorance. She was determined not to make the same mistake as all the other people had made with her, with this dragon.

Seraphia convinced Starfire, with his celestial powers, to communicate with the dragon. Dragon-speak is a very delicate process. It took a while, but Seraphia was patient and waited. Seraphia and Starfire learned that the dragon was not truly evil but had been cursed by a wicked sorcerer. The sorcerer had taken the dragon away from his home and left him in the dark cold cave all alone. He was very sad and lonely, but no one would be his friend. No one was kind to him because he was a very large scary looking dragon. He also breathed fire and people assumed that he did so because he was evil. For him fire-breathing was just something dragons do, but the people didn’t understand and so they were afraid and ran away. Those that did not run away were cruel and made fun of him, even throwing rocks at him as he tried to sleep in his cave! This made him very angry and distrustful of people.

In reality, he too was a celestial dragon and belonged high in the sky above the judgmental eyes of ignorance. Unfortunately, his wing was injured, and he could not fly. With Starfire’s help, Seraphia was able to break the curse and free the dragon from its torment. All it really took was kind words and patience, you see, unbeknownst to the dragon, his wing had healed a long time ago, but the cruel words the dragon heard daily from the judgmental people had convinced him that he would never be able to fly or return to his home in the sky, so he had never tried.

In gratitude, the dragon bestowed upon Seraphia a magical ring. With the ring on her finger, Seraphia and Starfire journeyed home, their hearts filled with hope and wonder. From that day forward, Seraphia though different, knew she was a brave and kind-hearted hero, even if others could not see it. Starfire, her celestial dragon, remained her constant companion but she no longer needed his protection.

Together, Seraphia and Starfire will live many more adventures, and their stories will be told throughout the land for generations to come. Seraphia’s story will be a tale of courage, determination, and the power of friendship, where a young girl with autism and her celestial dragon companion, overcomes the prejudices and misconceptions of others, to prove that true strength comes from within. It will be a reminder that we should not judge, or label others based on their differences, but rather embrace them as unique and special individuals. As Seraphia’s legend spreads, more and more people will come to understand that being different is not a weakness, but a strength and that everyone has the potential to be a hero in their own way.

Many individuals on the autism spectrum and their families believe that autism is not a disability, but rather a different way of thinking and perceiving the world. They may view autism as a unique set of strengths and abilities, rather than solely focusing on the challenges it may present. This perspective is often referred to as the neurodiversity paradigm. It emphasizes the idea that neurological differences such as autism should be accepted and respected, just like cultural and linguistic diversity.

The neurodiversity movement is about accepting and valuing people with autism for who they are and recognizing that the qualities associated with autism can be valuable contributions to society. This includes an inclination toward attention to detail, an aptitude for pattern recognition, and a heightened ability to focus on a task for extended periods of time. It’s important to note that autism is a spectrum disorder and the level of support needed varies from person to person. Some may need more support than others, but the goal is for all individuals to be accepted and included in their communities, with the accommodations they need to thrive.

Seraphia’s AI Art and Short Story

Art by Midjourney Bot on Discord

Creative Prompts by Salie Davis
Story written by https://chat.openai.com

“Tell me a story about a girl with Autism named Seraphia who pretended she was a rainbow dragon.”

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a young girl named Seraphia. Seraphia was different from other children. She had autism and often struggled to connect with others and understand the world around her. But Seraphia had a secret, she pretended to be a rainbow dragon.

In her mind, Seraphia was a powerful and majestic creature who could fly through the skies, breathe fire, and change colors to match her moods. When she was feeling happy, she would be a bright and vibrant rainbow, but when she was feeling sad, she would turn a dull grey.

One day, Seraphia was walking through the forest when she came across a group of children who were playing. They saw Seraphia and immediately started to make fun of her because of her autism. Seraphia was hurt and ran away, deep into the forest, where she found a cave to hide in.

As she sat in the cave, Seraphia closed her eyes and imagined herself as a rainbow dragon. Suddenly, she felt a strange sensation, and when she opened her eyes, she saw that she had transformed into a real rainbow dragon.

Excited and amazed, Seraphia flew out of the cave and soared through the sky. The children who had made fun of her were in awe and apologized for their behavior. Seraphia forgave them, and they became friends.

From then on, Seraphia would often fly around the forest, spreading joy and wonder wherever she went. She learned that even though she was different, she had something special to offer the world. And in her heart, Seraphia knew that she would always be a rainbow dragon, a creature of beauty and strength.

The end.

Here is a second Prompt:

Tell me a story in the style of J.R. Tolkien About an autistic girl named Seraphia and her celestial dragon

Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there was a young girl named Seraphia. She was different from the other children in her village, for she had a condition called autism. This made her withdrawn and often misunderstood by those around her. But Seraphia was not alone, for she had a special companion – a celestial dragon named Starfire.

Starfire was not like the dragons of legend. He was small, no larger than a cat, and had shimmering scales that sparkled like stars in the night sky. He had been sent to Seraphia by the celestial beings, to be her companion and protector.

Seraphia and Starfire spent their days exploring the countryside and playing in the fields. They were happy together, and Seraphia’s autism did not seem to be a hindrance to their friendship.

One day, while they were out exploring, they came across a dark and sinister forest. The trees were twisted and gnarled, and a thick mist hung over the ground. Starfire warned Seraphia that they should not enter, but she was curious and would not be deterred.

As they ventured deeper into the forest, they came across a terrible creature – a giant, fire-breathing dragon. The dragon was fierce and terrifying, and Seraphia and Starfire were no match for its might. But Starfire, with his celestial powers, was able to communicate with the dragon and learned that it was not truly evil, but had been cursed by a wicked sorcerer.

With Starfire’s help, Seraphia was able to break the curse and free the dragon from its torment. In gratitude, the dragon bestowed upon Seraphia a magical ring that would protect her from harm and give her the power to speak with animals.

With the ring on her finger, Seraphia and Starfire journeyed home, their hearts filled with hope and wonder. From that day forward, Seraphia was no longer seen as different, but as a brave and kind-hearted hero. And Starfire, her celestial dragon, was her constant companion and protector.

Together, Seraphia and Starfire lived many more adventures, and their story was told throughout the land for generations to come.

After I edited and reposted the story to the Chat AI:

Seraphia’s story will be a tale of courage, determination and the power of friendship, where a young girl with autism and her celestial dragon companion, overcame the prejudices and misconceptions of others, to prove that true strength comes from within. It will be a reminder that we should not judge or label others based on their differences, but rather embrace them as unique and special individuals. And as Seraphia’s legend spreads, more and more people will come to understand that being different is not a weakness, but a strength, and that everyone has the potential to be a hero in their own way.

I then responded.:

Many autistic people believe that autism is not a disability.

And this was the AI’s response.

Yes, many individuals on the autism spectrum and their families believe that autism is not a disability, but rather a different way of thinking and perceiving the world. They may view autism as a unique set of strengths and abilities, rather than solely focusing on the challenges it may present. This perspective is often referred to as the neurodiversity paradigm. It emphasizes the idea that neurological differences such as autism should be accepted and respected, just like cultural and linguistic diversity.

The neurodiversity movement is about accepting and valuing people with autism for who they are, and recognizing that the qualities associated with autism can be valuable contributions to society. This includes an inclination towards attention to detail, an aptitude for pattern recognition, and a heightened ability to focus on a task for extended periods of time.

It’s important to note that autism is a spectrum disorder and the level of support needed varies from person to person. Some may need more support than others, but the goal is for all individuals to be accepted and included in their communities, with the accommodations they need to thrive.

What can you use virtual worlds, the metaverse, and the multiverse for?

I recently gave a presentation for corporate trainers on the benefits of virtual worlds, the multiverse, and the metaverse. It was a long session but here is the clip of my 30 minutes. https://lnkd.in/ghJDrEzx

Social skills coaching example, understanding body language.

Social skills coaching example, understanding body language.

Chatbot and AI database examples for social skills and conversation.

Quiz examples with question and answer scripts.

Training room examples for basic in world skills, how to move, communicate use camera controls, etc.

Gamification example with points and rewards using a nutrition theme.

Medical scene example for role-playing and simulations.

Classroom set-up examples with audio, video, and interactive text presentations as well as working classroom computers for browsing the web.

Laboratory scene showing many free open-source resources available. (most scenes include all open-source and free materials.

Navigation examples with teleports and signage.

Resources for people new to the virtual world.

Eileen O’Connor is a college professor at SUNY Empire State College in science and technology teacher education, focusing on emerging technologies including virtual worlds & web tools for learning. She began as a chemist, moved to IBM in the 1980s, then went into education in science and technology.

Picture of youtube videos by Eileen O’Connor


Picture of Slideshares by Eileen O’Connor


Salie Davis works as a recruiter for a global company preparing remote workers for a successful career. She has a Master’s degree in learning in emerging technologies focused on the benefits of virtual worlds for immersive training with a graduate certificate in teaching in emerging technologies. Her work experience includes twenty years working with home school organizations, and private schools, and presenting at global conferences for adult learners and professionals.

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Challenging Goliath Avacon OSCC 2018


3:39hello everyone and welcome to the 5 o’clock to 6 o’clock session of the 2018

3:44open simulator community conference as a reminder to our in world and web

3:50audience you can view the full conference scheduled at conference open simulator org and tweet your questions

3:57or comments to at opensim cc with the hashtag pound sign OS CC 18 this session

4:06we are happy to introduce a terrific session called challenging Goliath bringing virtual reality into higher

4:13education our speakers today are se Lee Davis Cheryl Moore Eileen O’Connor and Albert

4:21Ando dr. Eileen O’Conner and Elaine who was unable to be with us today our

4:28associate professors at SUNY Empire State College and they’re working in learning and emerging technologies with

4:35the Master of Arts in learning and emerging technologies program called mallet sailing davis has been an

4:42educator for 20 years working with homeschooled children private schools and special needs she has degrees in

4:48creative marketing and media communications Sheryl Moore is a master’s candidate and learning and

4:55merging technologies at mallet from Empire State College Moore is employed

5:00as a financial educator at se FCU a New York State credit union and where she

5:07works with individuals served by nonprofit organizations schools and credit union members al rotundo has

5:16written produced and directed hundreds of corporate video presentations and has taught video production techniques at

5:22associations conventions trade shows and through podcasts always embracing the

5:29entrepreneurial spirit of his work he pioneered the production of one of the first podcasts for the video production

5:36industry while producing broadcast and corporate TV and earning a learning and

5:41emerging technology master’s at Empire State College the three speakers of

5:49let’s see and now I want to say welcome all let’s begin the session okay well

5:59thank you very much everybody for staying here this late or early evening for all of you

6:05we’re here from Empire State College which is part of the State University of New York and just a little background on

6:13us we’re a rather unique SUNY school and that we pretty much serve adults so we

6:19have a very interesting population the school started in the 1970s we have

6:25almost 20,000 students but we’re distributed across New York State so

6:30what you’re going to hear from these students and myself I’m Eileen and I’m

6:36one of the instructors is how we create community within an online network and

6:42so remember these students have never met each other physically they think

6:50I’ve met a couple of them physically but really we are we know each other from a distance and so tonight we’re gonna be

6:57looking at a little bit of the history of how Empire State College got into this and then we will look and see how

7:06some of the instructors that are here tonight and I’m going to be representing my colleague dr. Nicola Ilan she has she

7:15and I have been pioneers in this for over 10 years and then we’re going to look at what we’re doing today and then

7:22in the middle we’re going to actually see what some of our illustrious students have done and then we’ll wrap

7:27it up by looking at some of the things we’re doing presently so what I do want

7:35to point out and I think a lot of people have brought this in before what online

7:41courses can be somewhat isolating and we’ve been able to use the virtual

7:46reality over the past 10 years as a way to create a sense of community you all

7:51know a sense of presence you’re we’ve been able to do shared development which

7:57is one of the things that you’re going to see here how we supported each other and developing things but we find that we can encourage

8:05creativity and immersive medias but we’re also challenged it takes a while

8:11for people to learn how to get into these environments and we tend to be very much our own self supporters we

8:18don’t have a lot of institutional support coming in and giving us the help so that would be the things we would

8:24like but undaunted to go back a little

8:29bit through our history Empire State College headquarters and it’s in 40

8:35locations around the state but it’s headquartered out of Saratoga New York which is a Starkel town what you see up

8:41here is the Alumni house when funding came through a grant which Nicola could

8:48have talked more about but in the mid-2000s funding came and the original

8:53buildings were designed by artists made it look kind of like our actual alumni

9:01house what we did initially was work through Second Life and here is one of

9:10the meetings that Nicola herself was at she’s there with the long hair in the red dress she actually makes avatars so

9:19what happened to was Nicola was able to take that concept of kind of going back

9:27in history and she developed a course over ten years ago called the future

9:33being human a very interesting futuristic course and she the storyline

9:39was she brought them into the bottom of this ancient building and then when the

9:45students came in they became teleported in through an avatar system into another

9:52reality so she really was getting people to start thinking about the concept of

9:59being human but also where are humans going with these virtual spaces and

10:05virtual environments so in that process she gave here some of the assignments

10:12that she had they went through this experience they went into their online courses and they wrote using this mist right from

10:19her notes some of the expectations within the course and started to think about how humans would start working in

10:27these environments and but at the same point while she was doing that

10:33futuristic work the artists that were funded initially were developing tech

10:40similes I don’t know if you can see to the left that was something we had on our original Second Life Island which

10:46was a replica of one of the buildings the historical buildings right near our campus so their initial II we did have

10:55that type of funding the other thing we also had back in around 2007 when I got

11:03involved was there was some grant funding that allowed me to get a private island and I don’t if you remember you

11:11couldn’t bring young people onto Second Life they had I forget the name teen

11:16Island but I got actually a private island and back then we did have some

11:23support from the college we did have some of our tech people would help us with if we had a meeting they would help

11:32people with their microphones and some of those supports that you wish you had but when I went and worked with this

11:39grant I worked with middle school students very different environment they had no problem with the environment the

11:46problem was more keeping them focused and so I learned a lot from that and one of the things I’ve always done is tried

11:52to publish my work more as what you call action research I haven’t had the time

11:58of the funding to do research much outside of my classroom so this was a publication that I created or about ten

12:06years ago bringing this to some of the teacher education conferences and what

12:12Nicola and I did the other faculty member we tried to bring this beyond our

12:19immediate students and at that point I was in the science education program and

12:24so what we started to do was our own rude effort to get other faculty

12:30involved to get instructional designers involved this little website that you see a screen capture of was some of the

12:38work that we assembled we had monthly meetings and we we were able to maintain

12:45funding for Second Life for a while simultaneously the college and myself

12:51and it’s a part of that we started a master’s program in learning and

12:57emerging technology you’re going to meet some of our illustrious students shortly and along with that it became cost

13:05prohibitive to stay in Second Life Nicola and I we really had to be our own

13:10support and along with the wonderful ability to now get islands and artifacts

13:17that we could use from others we were able to kind of move out on our own and so what we did when the program started

13:27we were still at that point in Second Life using some of the materials that were created by different artists so

13:34this was a building that Nicola had commissioned and this is just one of our

13:39early preparatory meetings in our new master’s program what we have since done

13:46and this is the work you’re going to be learning about shortly was developed a

13:51course where students themselves create Islands and we’ve been very happy with

13:58Kitely Kitely has given us the ability to have islands that are affordable students come in we’ve had over 30

14:05students now develop their own islands to suit their own needs some of them become becomes part of their final

14:12thesis and what I did in the process was create a number of online tutorials way

14:19back in my past history I’d been a technical writer for IBM so I I have that kind of technical writing

14:25background I have a lot of materials that it would be glad to share with anybody they’re open source on how to

14:31create Kitely islands which just gives us the benefit of a wonderful server

14:36along with firestorm and the very wonderful open-source materials that

14:43have been allowed that have been given to us so one of the things that Nicola

14:49and I have continued to do is we still promote the online worlds within SUNY

14:55the SUNY system itself has I think some half million students and we’re part of

15:00the consortiums there what we often do is bring forth our work we still have a

15:07lot of old perceptions that the islands are expensive we have the competition

15:13now in online environments with a lot of a communication tools so it holds us

15:18back sometimes but I think what you’re going to find is the communities that we’ve developed have kept us going what

15:27I have seen though and I think maybe some of you might identify with this there can be disruption bringing in a

15:34new technology like this that really is outside of the learning management systems and sometimes that can cause

15:40issues among faculty themselves you know innovative technologies can be perceived

15:45as being a little threatening but what I want to applaud are the students that I’ve worked with here’s

15:52one student who is a social worker he’s created his own environment and he

15:59brings parents who have been sent over by court-appointed systems and he has a

16:05virtual environment that he’s developed where he can bring parents and social workers and children together in a very

16:11new way and this just is student presenting at a conference we’ve had

16:17other students oh and this happens to be the part of the students Island there

16:24was a key researcher out of England and he decided to make some of his buildings

16:29like the place where the research was done in England and on these slides are the ways you can find these islands and

16:35Kitely we have another student who was working on in culture rating people

16:42coming in from other countries she wanted a safe place for them to come in and explore she created this space this

16:51happens to be a historic setting for Japanese cultural studies

16:58for high school students so we’ve had students who’ve actually created some

17:05work dealing with some of the materials that been made available by artists this

17:11one I think is the last before we go on to the students themselves was a very unique Island that’s just under

17:18development right now we did encourage you to visit these Islands created by a graphic artist and to the left you’re

17:25gonna see the aerial view of his Island and to the right you’ll see one of his actual creations a very interesting

17:32space so being that I’m in the academic and part of what I do is see how my

17:40students work in these spaces some create them this last slide is just students visiting a space I had them

17:48play around pull some artifacts out of their inventory and do some playful

17:53things with them and you just see that this I used to build community and I a recent publication there and it really

18:00could tease out and see that these students themselves really have enjoyed

18:05the process so now to let them speak for themselves I’ll ask I’ll pass the mic

18:11over to al Rotondo and I will try to turn the slides for him but al cue me if

18:16I don’t do them at the right time thank you first slide please the concept began

18:31as an exercise in teaching three-point lighting in a skybox hovering above one

18:40of two Empire State College Islands in Second Life functioning video lights

18:47were developed and once this was achieved I knew that further concepts could be

18:55flushed out in a virtual environment to the next line please Second Life

19:06just opened up their code the recent emergence of the open simulator

19:12environment the one we’re in right now made virtual environments now accessible

19:18to everyone I began to design an implement of fully functioning virtual

19:25learning environment and named it video production world this provides a way for

19:31video production learners to see experience situationally engage and

19:38learn the tools of and techniques of the trade of video production without

19:44leaving home this saves the traditional costs of traveling to learning

19:49conferences and the conference costs of setting up live learning simulations

19:56leveling the playing field for learners of all economic backgrounds next slide

20:02please I created wayfinding kiosks that’ll

20:14located in different parts of the island for easy navigation throughout the island when you click one of the names

20:25it highlights the area on the map and

20:31therefore you know where to go see that particular event and display next slide

20:40please this project was effective in five

20:48distinct areas one harnessing the in world Sun to mimic the real world Sun in

20:57helping teach outdoor lighting techniques through the use of scrims

21:04and reflectors this was the first bit of

21:10physics that we played with myself in a developer that I work with on this and

21:19as I saw that we could control the actual Sun the in World Sun to act as a

21:27real Sun I was really excited and and

21:35and knew that the rest of the physics would fall into place so this was the first of many technical developments to

21:48creating working functioning video lights to teach three-point lighting techniques we had started with some

21:55lights in Second Life but then we further developed them were able to turn

22:02them on and off adjust the intensity of the lights etc next likelies 3 we

22:12achieving in world balance of cameras on booms with counterweights to teach this

22:20type of camera mounting and movement we created two different booms and the

22:28physics of adding weights and in different size weights was just very

22:35very interesting and amazing to do in an in world environment next like leaves

22:44providing an amphitheater to play a variety of video production

22:50instructional videos that I created just for this video production training

22:57environment next slide please

23:02and five recreating a working active TV

23:08studio teaching camera switching techniques mannequins or teaching agents

23:15were used to play the parts of camera people the director and onstage talent

23:22next slide please reviewers of this thesis project had a five choice answer system for their

23:30survey they could express their agreement with terms ranging from strongly agree to

23:35agree to indifferent than disagree and strongly disagree the reviewers were a selection of

23:43novices and existing video professionals analysis of this data indicated that

23:50overall favorable responses were evenly distributed between novices and professionals making video production

23:58world positively received among both types of learners and visitors next

24:05slide please video production world proved that the

24:13physical three-dimensional aspects of video production can be taught in a virtual environment with considerable

24:19success success was achieved in several we’re real-world physical replications

24:25such as control of the in world Sun creating functional and control

24:31controllable video lights and developing real-world weights weight differentials

24:37in a virtual environment thank you and

24:47now we’ll have se Lee talked about her work Thank You al Thank You Eileen well

24:54the virtual world is like the Guy Fawkes mask some see it as inspirational others

25:03view it with fear and distrust is this based on its facelessness technology or

25:11darker fears well I once shared the same prejudice and just to kind of speak on

25:18that before I started my master’s program I would have never set foot in

25:25any virtual world so what I have learned in my studies is that breaking down

25:32those fears to help others see the potential of virtual worlds is not an

25:38easy task

25:50so working as a student I explore aspects of the virtual world using my

25:56island in Kitely multiverse masters I make builds to serve as a meeting place

26:01for gamification of Education simulation testing grounds interactivity playground

26:09games and for educational content for varied ages and levels I convinced the

26:25graduate student collaborative to fund a club Island for presentation displays to

26:30give students a place to practice presenting and a place to meet out of for fellow officers one was already

26:38familiar with virtual worlds one was hostile and aggressively against it and

26:43two had no opinion so I used zoom and

26:57multiple virtual viewers to do live training although I gained support for

27:03the attempt one of the two joining decide the learning curve was too high and the other was open but

27:09non-participatory after the training so if feedback from members was also

27:16mixed with a majority remaining indifferent the college cut funding for the project after only one month of the

27:22island being live this is an example of the need to communicate intensely with

27:29others to overcome these inhibitions concerning this technology I also

27:39presented one of my builds multi-verse moon based masters at the couny gaming

27:45conference in New York City as a proof-of-concept via distance with the

27:50help of my on-site college professor Mark Lewis technology at the conference

27:55did not allow foreign world participation I presented via phone over

28:01a portable speaker as a professor controlled the slides later we had

28:09one-on-one sessions for participants to try out the games designed again the

28:15campus did not allow virtual world connectivity so we used Skype conference

28:23sharing my screen I walked through the gameplay while answering questions this

28:30did not allow for first player interaction however this is an example of how we must work through barriers to

28:38promote the potential virtual worlds offer to help support developers I

28:46create tutorial videos and presentations this one on virtual world design was

28:52presented in world for the Institute of new paradigms I have found the best way to change stigmas and open minds to

29:00these opportunities is to research publish and promote I use videos

29:05presentations websites and blogs to do so I create curriculum supports on where

29:11Polycom and developer supports on multiverse masters blog spot.com if you

29:17are interested in making a positive impact on the open sim community then I strongly encourage you to do the same

29:23thank you very much so thank you say Lee and our lovely

29:31participants we’ll be inviting you to their spaces but let’s go over to Cheryl

29:38Moore who has something to tell us about her recent piloted financial space that

29:46she created Thank You Eileen as a student of learning with emerging

29:51technologies at Empire State College I became enamored with designing virtual spaces in dr. O’Connor’s virtual

29:57practicum courses my profession is in financial education as you heard so I

30:03was inspired to create an environment in which people could have fun learning something that otherwise can be

30:10considered boring or stressful on even intimidating which is the the financial education piece so what you’re seeing

30:16here is an aerial view of the shopping center that serves as the backdrop for the financial education I created an

30:24environment named pixelated in which individuals can experience real world practice and have fun and then I

30:32conducted a pilot study to test the environment and examine how to bring financial education into a virtual space

30:39the design is a mixture of realism and simplicity and a little humor sprinkled

30:46throughout so for example there’s a restroom because as we know you know when you’re shopping you you need a

30:52restroom right go ahead and the next site Thank You Ellen as an educator and

30:57instructional designer I follow an approach to financial education that is rooted in the principles that you see

31:03here on the slide and the focus is on behavior and capability you know

31:08inclusion not judgment so having a virtual space in which to learn is exciting because people can practice

31:14without having concern over you know real-world failure and the things that tend to cause that stress and anxiety

31:21around finances for some people and actually using humor and dynamic visuals is a great way as you may know

31:28to put people at ease and establish a safe and fun learning environment this

31:37slide is an example of a shopping list or the shopping list that can be used to

31:43teach budgeting saving and sharing and actually also prioritization of needs

31:48and wants that enables autonomous decision-making so students learners and

31:53the environment would work through this list to accomplish the items and they get to practice several concepts around

32:00financial education that way here you see the credit union and this is where

32:06learners log their transactions in a tool provided free by Brite Bank comm it

32:11simulates a checking saving and even credit card account which provides practice for record-keeping and money

32:18mindfulness which is an important concept this is an example of an

32:23important habit which may not be modeled at home or taught elsewhere and so it can be practiced safely in world and the

32:31users in my study actually really enjoyed using that tool so just to conclude the educational approach

32:38involves these elements that you see on the slide and they’re all very easily achieved in an immersive space so that

32:44really contributes to the appreciation of those spaces for what I do in my professional work and if you’re

32:51interested in learning more about the study you can learn more about the study tomorrow evening I’ll be on at 5:30 or

32:578:30 Eastern Time so I hope to see some of you there and I hope you learn a

33:02little bit more about what happened in that study so thank you ok thank you as

33:10you can see we have wonderful adult students who really bring their own

33:15personal history and interest in as they’ve been designing work and so I hope you will get a chance to speak more

33:22with them visit their Islands and join Cheryl tomorrow evening she had a very productive pilot study but just to kind

33:30of wrap up this part of the presentation with where are we going now as you can

33:36see we’ve got a combination of faculty who work and teach within these spaces using

33:43them in an online forum sometimes for meetings sometimes for as you’ll see in

33:49a moment a residency we’ve been using them in different ways and hope to continue to use them at the same time we

33:55have had some 30 students develop their own spaces over the past couple of years

34:01and again thank you so much to OpenSim to Kitely and to the many generous

34:07artists that have allowed us to do this and what we are seeing though is I’ll

34:13show you a couple of our new ventures we in the mallet program we are 100% online

34:19and we now have a group of wonderful students who’ve graduated or working and

34:26we wanted to consider continue with a quote residency model the school has

34:32such other master’s programs where the people get together geographically and

34:38that’s very nice when you’re together it’s expensive though our main headquarters is out of New York City

34:45it’s very expensive to go in there and so we’re trying to see and it’s been brought into the strategic plan of the

34:52graduate program to look at alternative ways of meeting and so we piloted a

34:58virtual residency and wonderfully al who’s already graduated Sayle who’s

35:05actually still close to finished with her graduation they came and helped

35:12support other newbies coming into this environment so it was a very multi

35:18students in different parts of their own careers and what we are doing is trying

35:25to get more groups involved in these virtual environments but I will tell you

35:31between teaching and I recently became program coordinator with a lot of administrative responsibilities grading

35:38publishing I don’t have time personally to go out and be convincing all faculty

35:44so what we’ve done though among ourselves is created a think-tank and we’re starting to think and I’m

35:50think we can encourage some of you to join us but I’ll show you these last few

35:55things that are helping us take the message forward this was the residency that I mentioned

36:02I’ll show you some of the feedback we got from the residency we ran it to be very similar to a conference and I think

36:10that had its pluses and minuses but there’s a lot of interest within our

36:15program because we’re an emerging technology program in things that are

36:21augmented reality as well we’re looking at 360 cameras so the goal of this conference was to introduce some of

36:28those areas too so we had some classic more like this where you have now we

36:35call them our TED Talks in the background where we introduce some concepts doctor Ilan brought people on a

36:42walking tour which was very well received to some of her Island she does very beautiful work I have a science

36:49background my work is very practical she’s got an art background her work is very elegant and so we went on a walking

36:55tour we got a chance to talk about some of our other courses in media and arts I

37:01run stem courses we talked about those and ended the residency with one of our

37:07instructors talking about some of the game design work he does with unity what

37:14was particularly pleasing to me these were some snapshots from our residency

37:20was that the Dean came as well and faculty members the Dean came launched

37:26the residency explained about the strategic focus we’re trying to get and

37:34starting to see the role of innovation within our graduate program and here are

37:41these are no snapshots of some of the people who were here we have now brought

37:46in people beyond the college so we had founded a very enjoyable time what we

37:53did ask for people to an anonymous way give us feedback so we could improve it

38:00and there were three questions and the first one was how does this how is this differ from a

38:09quote regular conference everybody’s been to conferences and this

38:14was anonymous so they could be honest but again they these are students and alums and people who kind of know us

38:21they were pretty kindly one person did comment is just like any other

38:27conference sit and listen so I didn’t know whether how to interpret that but thought that’s a little bit negative but

38:33they found that it was very engaging in general and I highlighted the leaps and

38:38bounds ahead of a typical webinar or conference calls I’ve heard my students

38:44talk now about how often they literally claim they hate webinars which we have

38:50to see in many different ways what we did ask them was what was interesting to

38:57them we did talk about augmented reality some people were pleased to find out

39:02they could build a world we told them about open source some people really

39:07noticed the fact that it was a community so one person expanded quite a bit about

39:13that we had a walking tour which was very popular I we have to remember

39:21though to walk slowly enough the tour in person lost some people but we did find

39:26that you know people enjoyed that opportunity to actually walk around and they want to know how could we improve

39:33this now I will have to say I wish we had the support and time that this

39:40lovely conference has been run around we didn’t and you’ll see in some of the

39:47comments they really wanted better organization they wanted us to you know

39:54scaffold them into the environment more there were some very good ideas about

39:59having two speakers somebody who speaks and somebody who watches the chat so he

40:05got some very good productive ideas none of which really whether they would be

40:11excuse me within the realm of durability provided that we had more staff to help

40:17us go through these but we continued on using these meetings

40:24we have our students now present when they do their final projects we recently

40:30had people presenting about their final projects which we tried a different

40:35format this time where we had a quote poster session it worked and didn’t work

40:41the students brought their work we put them out in posters and the students

40:46stayed there as people came around to discuss what was going on in the

40:51different projects we had microphone problems that more came from the fact

40:57that some of the students hadn’t prepared in advance of their mics didn’t work right and another problem for me I

41:04had put the posters a little bit too close to each other we had sound overlap so I think there are ways we can improve

41:11but the concept of going around and seeing the posters of different people’s work has seemed to work I think we need

41:18to polish it up a bit but in terms of polishing what I had observed was we’ve

41:25had a lot of wonderful students come through I still continue with these

41:30students Elle has graduated two years back he still is kind enough to come

41:35back we started something that we’ve called the Institute for new paradigms and it’s to be a think-tank we’re still

41:43thinking through what our think tank will be we’ve had meetings on a monthly

41:49basis since last spring we’ve had enough interest to really say that this is an

41:54idea to pursue and what we did was buy

42:00by the summer when the summer started I took a poll of people’s interests and

42:06based on the poll which was through a Google Form we started breaking this down into an

42:14executive group and also into a research group and those are the planning pieces

42:21now so far we haven’t gotten as far as I would like in terms of passing over some

42:26of the management I still do most of it myself which is got a little challenging

42:32when I had pick up an extra roll among the six weeks ago when somebody got promoted up

42:37and I had to pick up a lot more administrative work but we do have a faithful group that comes to these

42:43meetings we want to invite others I think we’re close to being well enough

42:49to invite others we’re very much still more of a professional development than

42:55research oriented think-tank we’ve been sharing ideas we’ve another students

43:01working with me we Co published something just a week ago just turned in

43:06all the paperwork so what we’re doing is what we hope some day to give spielberg

43:12to run for the money we’re going to be having that threaded environment where we work sometimes virtually in an

43:20immersive space maybe someday when we do get the the headsets in 3d here we can

43:25do that as well but we’re finding that this environment does allow us to

43:32continue to work together and just a couple more wrap-up slides where what we

43:39did ask the the Institute members themselves who really were a core of

43:45people that I’ve known and worked with over the past number of years and we’ve invited some guests a Selby might be

43:51here with us Selby has been wonderful in helping us but last June we asked what

43:57is it you’d like to know more about you know so these are progressive thinkers this these slides I’ll make available if

44:04anyone wants to read the fine detail but you’ll see that people are looking to things like 360 cameras augmented

44:11reality they’re wanting to know more about web world so all of this new dimension that’s coming in and that’s

44:20something that this group really would like to learn more about and we’re period we’re starting to line up

44:27speakers we’re starting to look logistical ëhow we can focus in the number of areas at once the other thing

44:33that came through on that survey in June was that the 12 people who did respond to this question said they would like to

44:41continue with research now I’ve made that the

44:46and I knew that if I just said yes or no they would not want to say no directly to me so I asked them would they want to

44:52be part of this or maybe in the future so that was a polite way to say no I’m not interested or at least not

44:58interested now but we had almost 90 percent interested in kind of continuing

45:04on with the you know kind of future research into these areas so as we

45:10formulate a little more of where we’re going with these next steps in summary

45:17I’m finding that this interest recently

45:22in augmented reality which is coming into a lot of the groups within which I work is really starting to drive us to

45:31to be able to open more conversations and I think we’re looking to see how we

45:40can leverage this going forward and also what we’re seeing is that to really continue this though we need some kind

45:47of sustained professional growth not just for people like the folks on the stage here who will do this on their own

45:54but to get more faculty involved things I would love if we could have a nice web-based interface I understand though

46:01that the technology is too robust to probably be web served for a while but I

46:08was delighted to hear this morning that we might be getting 3d headset 3d

46:13interface sooner than I had anticipated um but I think that and this is

46:19something kitely’s working on we can get more pre-designed Islands ahead to institutions I think

46:25they can start jumping on board faster so I think you know we’re all living

46:31proof here at this conference that there are many ways we can use these two into

46:36to meet and to talk I’m still interested in understanding how we can kind of

46:42create a conceptual framework for what I’m calling immersion which is something

46:47we do here but something that some of these other 3d environments are allowing us to get into so I’ll stop at that and

46:55thank you all for listening to very much a lecture but I’m hoping maybe we’ve inspired some

47:01questions and maybe you’ll continue to join us because we would very much like to have you come with us so thank you

47:13Thank You Eileen and thank you to to all our panelists are there any questions

47:20from the audience we’re getting late in the day and everyone’s getting ready to party you

47:26know well I want to thank our panelists and I’m watching the chat oh I see one

47:33coming in Buffy says really great presentation and congrats on getting your Dean to attend that’s that’s like a

47:41minor miracle right when I had a

47:46champion when I started my program with the 52 university classes our vice

47:52president of academic affairs and and he came out into world then our president

47:58for a while Mary Jane Paulson also came out into world so I was very impressed with that let’s see we do have a

48:06question from lisanna wisdom seeker how can I get your online tutorials I will

48:13gladly as a matter of fact I have to hold my phone because I had I have to

48:19use Skype on my phone I will type e tutorials the link there all right now out on Google Sites and I have anything

48:27from just the basic walk around to how to build and so I will put the link here

48:32and gladly share them and I think a question went by too would any of these students want to work with OpenSim

48:40people and I will pretty much speak for them but I think they would be delighted to and if you could contact me or some

48:48of the students directly I think you’re going to find that and when our Institute meets again on Monday night I

48:56will bring that forward I think they would depending on where they stand in their career and their their you know

49:03also adults working they also are pursuing a masters but I think in theory they would love to continue to work with

49:10others so yes I would say that’s a very possible area and we’ll make some

49:16contacts there oh and say Lee by the way is she I’m you

49:22know 101 virtual world say Lee is the advanced course she has created many

49:29wonderful tutorials too with non plane characters she teaches all about

49:34scripting so I can teach you how to do the nuts and bolts put the buildings down she can teach you how to really go

49:40in an advanced way so please do keep up with us thanks Eileen and Lisa Laxton

49:48had a question do you have a wish list for what you need technology wise mmm

49:56well I wish all of my students who are at a distance could have robust

50:01technologies themselves they could have powerful computers good internet what I would like I mean if I really just could

50:08have my druthers a web-based interface so I don’t have to go through the challenge of getting people signed on

50:14the other problem I’m having if people work from home they can generally sign on if they’re trying to come in from a

50:20school or an institution downloading firestorm is a real problem they often

50:26have locks down I have some of the new Macs right now we’re not being able to download firestorm we’re working on that

50:32I am my own tech support and I’m not smart enough to know all the combinations so I would like to have an

50:39easier interface to download also it would be nice to have the 3d environment

50:44there will always be a learning curve in terms of how you get your avatar to walk and talk so I that will always be there

50:50but an easier way to get in would be very nice it looks like one Ganesa

51:03link and it did not work for him so we’ll have to run that down later yeah

51:09what about putting the HTTP in in front of it that might well okay and let me

51:14I’m trying to put my phone down and get the link to some of my tutorials as well

51:22because I think we will and we’ll be sure that you folks do know how to reach out to us

51:29if you’re interested in finding out more about some of the islands we’ve created

51:35the power point it’s excuse me well the power point that prompted the slides

51:40actually has the names of all of the islands and Kitely if anyone wants to

51:45come and visit the work that these wonderful students have done and I’m sure they would be quite delighted to be

51:53able to continue on and we had one more question as we wrap up Rhiannon asks how

52:00can we go about becoming part of the Institute or participating in the think tank just send the email and my email is

52:12just my name it’s Eileen e IL e en dot o

52:17connor o co and n o R and at ESC edu

52:27typing it in and we will be glad to put

52:33you on our mailing list which leaves you the option of joining us or not but we can keep you apprised of what we’re

52:40doing and we we need some thinkers to help us think and we have very good

52:46professional development process going we have meetings we are developing a collegial support but I think we need

52:53more of a framework to so we’ll put you to work

52:58Thank You Eileen and thanks to our panelists what a terrific presentation as a reminder to our audience you can

53:05see what’s coming up on the conference schedule at conference simulator org next we’re gonna have a social event so

53:12stay tuned for that and Rihanna is gonna have some closing remarks tomorrow oh did you want to cut

53:19in tomorrow the first session will begin at 7 a.m. in this keynote region and it

53:25is entitled virtual machine’ viewers enable open seminar Act access on mobile

53:31devices by Tulane also we encourage you to visit the OSC c18 poster Expo in the

53:38Oh SCC Expo 3 region 2 find accompanying information on presentations and explore the hyper grid

53:45tour resources in OS CC export to region along with the sponsor and crowdfunder

53:52booths located throughout all of the expo regions thank you again to our speakers and to the audience over to you

53:59Rhiannon great ok I think I’m unmuted

54:06can you guys hear me I think so so yes thank you everybody for for being here

54:11today the first day of our two-day conference and you know it’s been great

54:18for us to you so far as Lear was saying

54:23at 6:15 so gives you a few minutes to get there grab a drink if you’re still

54:29want to hang out socialize and network with any of the folks that you that you’ve been with today that you’ve been

54:34interacting with we are having a music showcase that is on the OS CC music

54:40stage region so if you just open up your map and type o SCC you’ll see all the

54:46regions that are listed o SCC and just look from UCC music stage there’s also some signs around these regions near the

54:55info science as a signs that have just been put down during this presentation and in the landing zones that will give

55:02you a landmark to go directly there so it’s open ones up on the stage it’s about to jump up in front of me I guess

55:09so yes please join us there if you want

55:14to kind of chat and with your fellow attendees as well again as Lyra said

55:21meet us again at 7 a.m. I also wanted to encourage folks there’s this goes to the

55:27speakers and this also goes to many of you in the audience and I’m gonna grab a URL for it but we have several social

55:35events and that and community events that are scheduled that besides the one

55:43that we’re organizing tonight there are many community and social events that are being organized by other

55:50speakers and community folks would then open simulator other users so if you would

55:58like to host your own and it could be as simple as if your speaker meet up in your in your region or for folks to to

56:06see your work or or if you want to host

56:12a tour of your build if it’s or whatever resources that you might have or a music

56:18or social event you can go to conference that open simulator slash 2018 slash

56:28community – event – signup slash so it’s

56:33in the it’s in the D chat so and just submit an event and we’ll get it up on the schedule and that does not have to

56:40be just for today and tomorrow we will continue to keep listing them probably

56:45up till Christmas so your grid as a holiday party or you want to host a tour

56:50next week once the dust clears from this weekend that is fine to just get that to

56:55us and we’ll put it up and it’ll be kind of a nice central resource for the next couple weeks for folks who might want to

57:01share off their work for everybody who’s attended the event so with that thank

57:08you again – to all the presenters and all the attendees and especially our

57:16crowd funder folks and and andand the sponsors as well who this wouldn’t be

57:22responsible for and the many volunteers and staff you’ll see them wandering

57:27around with the OS CC staff group some who have worked literally tirelessly and

57:34so and again this is all kind of gratis

57:41in that way any most be the money that we comes from this kind of keeps the

57:46wheels rolling to keep having these events with hosting and tools and paying

57:53grid admin and that’s about it so and other resources like that so

58:00myself and my avek on team thank you as well and hope to see you guys tomorrow

58:07at 7:00 a.m.

The Art of Cultural Communicaton

Challenges our Leaders Face in the Global Work Community

I was born in a rural town in the northern most part of Maine. I had little cultural awareness as our small town culture was set in its ways, and a good 30 years behind the rest of the country. I knew even less about global culture. Even though Canada was a short drive away, my first impression of that countries culture was my parents telling me to go outside on the weekends until it was time for meals, but not to journey too far into the woods, as I may never come out of them and end up in Canada speaking French.

Now I recruit future team members across all of North America, and have had the privilege to travel the entire expanse of the eastern seaboard working with people across the globe in education and employment. I have valued the many roles I have held in my career with Sitel Group,working from home for over a decade. Sitel Group “employs 160,000 employees across locations in 40 countries, serving 700+ customers in 50+ languages” according to the companies site. That is a statistic that I proudly declare to future employees. It is an amazing feat, to say the least.

I first discovered the need for cultural awareness while working with clients in the US that hired employees from across the continent. These teams were virtually organized and managed. Early on we did phone interviews, and had meetings through teleconferences. I remember one meeting in particular, where our leaders were venting frustrations concerning the written responses phone agents would send to them when they were being supported in chat rooms, and when they spoke to these agents on the phone. The leaders felt these responses were disrespectful, and had decided that the agents who were using this type of communication would receive written disciplinary action. When I heard what the written and verbal offenses were, I had no choice but to intercede.

The agents were referring to the supervisors by their first names, which was standard procedure at the time, however, they were using Mr. and Ms. prior to the first name, such as Ms. Barb, or Mr. John. The leaders were certain they were being mocked because as soon as they would tell one person to use the first name only, later that day or week, someone else would refer to them in the same manner. They felt that this was a serious offense at the level of group organized insubordination, and demanded support in their corrective action plans to discipline the offending employees.

At this time, a majority of our leadership was from the Northern U.S. Hemisphere. We had recently expanded and a large portion of new hires were from Southern U.S. states that we had expanded into. My trips to Miami, and the Florida Keys came in handy in ways I could not have imagined. I remember by first encounter with this cultural trend. A friend and business associate giving us a tour of his business had employees who kept calling him Mr. Monty. I looked at him with such oblivious confusion he had to laugh when in a puzzled voice I asked if the people he was working with knew his last name. He explained to me that in this southern culture they were showing their respect acknowledging his authority by using his first name with a prefix.

Our leaders were about to take disciplinary action against agents for showing them respect.

Should we have then educated the agents, that their way of showing respect was wrong. Should we have enforced that they do it our way, simply because we were the leadership? After all wouldn’t this eliminate future cultural misunderstandings?

Becoming culturally aware in the global and virtual work force is not about standardizing our corporate cultures. This is the first mistake often made and best avoided. Cultural identity is what makes a global company strong. Rather than standardizing our culture, we can incorporate an understanding of what makes us different and acknowledge how those differences give us the competitive edge in the global market. We can do this by understanding how our cultural identity may interfere with communications that are coming from a different cultural identity than our own.

My experience working with a team in the Philippines exemplifies our need to expand our acceptance of differences in written structure and cultural idioms. Working in a combine chat between American leaders and leaders from teams in the Philippines, the habit of team members to be social in the work environment, joking with each other and poking “harmless” fun at our selves and our teams, created a rift that again quickly escalated to the head of the Philippines team wanting to take disciplinary action against the American team members for insubordination. In this situation I was unable to make my observations known as I was at a lower hierarchical level than the Philippines leader. Any observation I made during the meeting would be seen as further disrespect. Instead I called my supervisor into a meeting, explained the cultural issue and he, being equal to the leader in the Philippines was then able to have a private conversation and properly apologize for the misunderstanding. We did not demand that the Philippines team “lighten up”, we did however move our social and jovial team building discussions to a separate format to improve communications with the Philippines team members. We respected their cultural identity for a serious work environment and were even able to invite them to events designed to be specifically social in nature where they could be more relaxed and participate in social group activities.

Even common idioms can cause cultural rifts in team communications. One Operations Management meeting was cut short when one of the leaders from a brick and mortar complex stated they had to leave early in order to “put out some fires”. The Philippines team reacted with genuine concern for the safety of our employees, thinking that the building itself was on fire. This brought about jovial laughter from the American team and further insult to the Philippines team. They went silent and the meeting became non-productive. Due to our insensitivity and unintentional blindness to the cultural identity team members from this other culture valued, this also required follow up meetings to alleviate the damage caused.

My last example, I have learned while working with my Canadian team. Due to the benefits that working from home brings to future employees, we have had the opportunity to tap into human resources from many different cultures and areas, both locally and with immigrant populations. North America is constantly evolving as people from all over the global community settle here and seek to join our work force. Something as simple as differences in accents can manifest itself as a barrier preventing qualified people from promotions or hindering support, even preventing qualified candidates success at the hiring stage. This is due to our unintentional bias and cultural tendency to favor people whose mannerism and speech is similar to ours. Holding employees to correct grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary, when not directly related to job requirements is culturally insensitive.

We are the leading standard for excellence in Business Process Outsourcing for both Work from Home and as a global corporate community. Learning about other cultures so that we do not project our values onto other individuals on our team is essential to the development of a healthy global corporate community. Culturally diverse teams are often more innovative and offer creative results that benefit the team as a whole. Our goal should be to create a culturally diverse and inclusive work environment through understanding and cultural awareness. This is the art of cultural communication and challenges our leaders face in the global work community.

About the author:

Salie Davis has worked as a virtual employee for over a decade with Sitel Group under Legacy Sykes. Starting as an agent she has served in many roles, working with many diversified teams and clients.

She has three degrees earned through distance learning with active contributions to the global educational community and has shared her creative and written talents through virtual conferences and global communities.

My mission statement


Throughout my varied careers and experiences is a thread of commonality, the desire to see others achieve their goals. This desire has manifested itself in my pursuit of leadership and teaching opportunities in my careers, personal pursuits, and in volunteer work. Removing barriers such as the limits poverty and distance have on individuals is a focus of mine as these are personal barriers I have faced. Technology and distance learning as well as virtual employment have been beneficial in this. I myself have achieved my education only do to the availability of distance education. In addition, my virtual employment has overcome the barrier of limited local resources in employment.

Through self-reflection and analysis of my experiences key words that express my personal goals, how I wish to impact others are: to uplift and inspire, broaden horizons, deepen understanding, enlighten, strengthen and support, inform, increase awareness, protect human dignity, share beauty and joy, challenge people to think – to examine their beliefs and the effect these have on themselves and others, and to minister on a spiritual level of truth. This is likely why my future goals fall into a desire to teach and to express myself in creative fields through technology.

Words of wisdom from a virtual student and a virtual employee.

For those who do not know me I have been isolated by poverty and distance since childhood. Technology has freed me from those bounds. I have been a virtual student since 2001 and have been a virtual employee for almost as long. I am forever surprised at the fear of technology that exists in our schools and in our professions. I worked for five years as a teacher and was daily faced with having to defend technology and argue its value and importance. Even as a Masters student I am still shocked at how slow educators and professionals are to accept technology due to misconceptions and fear. So here are my thoughts on the benefit of hybrid meetings using technology to facilitate networking and engagement.

While students and employees continue to benefit from face to face networking in a function room, new technologies are increasingly advancing with the ability to draw in participants who would otherwise be isolated. New technologies, not subject to physical boundaries are becoming increasingly more accessible.

This can be accomplished through personal mobile devices or virtual meeting environments, technology is the key to expanding outreach and the way content is communicated, both in conjunction with and separate from face to face communication. Not only are people who are limited by distance or other boundaries drawn into the discussion where they would otherwise be excluded, but those within the physical environment have access to a more engaged degree of interaction.

Overcoming fear of new technologies as taboo has always been a challenge. From the onset of telephonic conferences, rejected as impersonal, to video conferences rejected as intrusive, the taboo of having any electronic device in a classroom or meeting, all these taboos have been overcome and can now be looked back upon as the fear of change that slowed networking progress. 3D environments is the current taboo that professionals face in all fields that require networking and collaboration.

Mobile technology and social media are the current most active trends. 3D environments are quickly catching on, from virtual worlds to the development of walk in 3D web pages. The use of 3D environments are proving to increase engagement with the ability to learn and collaborate in meeting spaces. It is becoming common place to see layered meetings, even with face to face interaction, combined with distance communication and participants, live streaming, recording, gamification within the presentations, and multiple levels of interaction with links, slide shows, and even independent exploration of all of these options inside virtual environments.

Virtual meeting technology is efficient and cost effective. It eliminates travel, saves time, reduces expenditures, and increases convenience for the participant. It is also more environmentally friendly and quickly being adopted in the business fields, even as an alternative to the brick and mortar work space for all of the reasons mentioned above.

Companies have virtual employees using adobe rooms, Skype, Zoom, messenger, virtual networks and remote desktops because it is cost effective and convenient on a global scale. Colleges are needing to help students embrace virtual technology not only as a social and educational venue, but in career preparation in order to encourage future success.

Hybrid or blended meetings are the bridge for those still uncertain when it comes to improvements that require open mindedness towards newer technologies. Hybrid meetings have real time face to face components as well as virtual components, such as live streaming a conference or meeting with a group to experience a 3D immersive tour and discussion. Back channel conversations on social media, twitter, Facebook, or even meeting platforms such as Zoom, can work in conjunction with live events or live virtual immersive events.

Virtual meetings and immersive environments will never replace face to face interaction but they can greatly enhance them. We are social beings and physical proximity will always be a major aspect of networking and engagement. Emerging technologies merely enhance the experience and remove the boundaries that prevent many from participating. Those individuals who would otherwise feel isolated due to financial, physical, distance or other challenges, through blended environments are able to contribute and collaborate. The exploration of these interactive and immersive formats challenge us to become more relevant and more engaging. What a great opportunity to continue developing relationships that may start at a college or business event and be able to be nurtured and continued through the use of virtual and immersive technology.