When I pull away -age 20

I want to feel the love, the ecstasy,

the beating of two hearts wildly,

to feel the passion to please you.

Tainted, I am torn between the two,

The joy of two hearts beating free,

Not the pain, the panic, the fear.

I want to be here, I want to be here,

I’m there with him, the hurt. It’s not fair.

Why me? Why you?

Why not us two?

Passion burning bright,

To please you every night.

The pain and fear are in my way,

Haunting me both night and day,

To express love, I can’t. I try. The hate is there.

The hurt is real, though I shouldn’t care.

The hurt is real, the hate is strong,

My heart is heavy with the wrong,

But you feel so good, so warm, so kind,

A love that’s real, so hard to find.

I wish it was just us two,

No hurt, no pain, no residue,

But life is not always fair,

And sometimes love is hard to bear.

You feel so good, so warm, so kind

but my fear of harm can’t be left behind.

love is worth the risk and pain,

to find a heart that beats the same.

Of him I feel hate, It’s real.

I pull away. I feel… I’m sorry.

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