Phantom hunger

When you have felt hunger, and been unable to feed it

It creates a hollow in your insides that never goes away.

Even after the years of without, when you no longer need it

still to feel the hunger… the fear of hunger… someday.

So you buy and store in the pantry and cellar and stack

cases of canned goods on the porch and every room in back.

The kitchen cupboards are buckling their hinges, still

the hollow in your insides compel, Find more crevices to fill!

And to make sure loved ones stay full, never to feel hollow,

Hours spent, to cook meals today that last till tomorrow.

You make too much for dinner every night

and then save in containers every uneaten bite,

until your eating leftovers eight days in a week.

The contents in the freezer are considered antique.

The baked chicken tonight is soup and salad tomorrow

and you’re full till you’re sick but your fullness is hollow.

Then you remember as the scrapings are thrown

that in your youth even the marrow of the bone

was picked and chewed till it had no taste

not even the bone was tossed to waste.

The hollow aches and you hesitate

as into pups dish, you scrape the plate.


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