The Poet and the Mathematician – a constrained love story. Work in Progress

“I Love Math” Ema Tici, an Euclidean educator said.

The ultimate equation

The sketch found at the bottom of Limmit’s math quiz

The response from Dr. Figger

The expression 0 times infinity is an indeterminate form in mathematics, and its value cannot be determined by algebraic manipulation alone. It is not a well-defined mathematical expression, and its result depends on the specific context in which it is being used. Depending on the context, 0 x infinity may approach zero, approach infinity, approach any other real number or infinity, or it may not be defined at all. Therefore, it is not accurate to state a single value for 0 x infinity without further clarification of the specific context in which it appears.

The Ultimate Equation

In the world of symbols and signs,
Where math and language intertwine,
There’s an equation that’s undefined,
A concept that’s hard to define.

Zero times infinity,
Is a puzzle to see,
A mystery to unravel,
A paradox to grapple.

But in the realm of emotions,
Where love and passion are in motion,
There’s a symbol of pure devotion,
That represents a deep connection.

O is for hugs, warm and tight,
X is for kisses, sweet and bright,
Together they form a delight,
A love that shines like the light.

So while math may puzzle and confound,
And symbols may have meanings profound,
In the language of the heart, love is found,
Where OX infinity equals heart, unbound.

The above image is an inworld installation 3d virtual art piece for the poet and the mathematician, a love story o x ∞ =

A conversation between friends

Xyz: So do you like her?

Limmit: I don’t know I have only been to her class once.

Xyz: So I have only been there three times.

Limmit: Well that is 3 times more than me.

Xyz: no that is only two times more than you.

Limmit: You are wrong, 3X1=3

Xyz: Oh maannn, your right.

In Math Class, The Fib



Take pity?

My head hurts.

Math is just numbers.

They are not for lovers of words.

The numbers, the theories, the patterns, and shapes I spurn!

What possible interest could I have to dabble in theories of prime and perfect?

Limmit Writes a poem for his friend

“No! Take pity?” you say with a sigh,

Your head hurts, you cannot deny,

The numbers, the theories, the math you spurn,

For words, for love, your heart does yearn.

But why not give math a chance,

To explore the world of numbers, to dance,

With prime and perfect, to uncover,

A world of beauty, a world to discover.

For in math, there’s a language unique,

A way to express, a way to speak,

A world of patterns, of shapes and forms,

A world that can weather any storms.

And as for words, they have their place,

In math, in life, in any space,

For numbers and words, they intertwine,

To create a world that’s truly divine.

So let your heart and mind unite,

Embrace the numbers, let them take flight,

And as you learn, as you grow,

You’ll find a world that will truly glow.

The above image is an inworld installation 3d virtual art piece for the poet and the mathematician, a love story o x ∞ =

Nan Finneti Figger

NaN, a symbol of mystery and doubt,

A mathematical enigma we must figure out,

Not a number, yet it represents,

An undefined quantity, an unknown extent.

Fínnəti, a word with infinite sound,

Echoes of eternity, forever unbound,

Infinite possibilities, limitless space,

A concept we struggle to embrace.

And then there’s Fíggər, a name that rings,

Of figures, sums, and mathematical things,

Perhaps a lineage of numerical wits,

Whose legacy in math still exists.

In this world of numbers and equations,

We seek to find meaning and explanations,

And though it may seem daunting and tough,

We strive to understand and find our own path.

I long to embrace NaN, Fínnəti, Fíggər,

And all the mathematical concepts that trigger,

Our curiosity and our thirst for knowledge,

Guiding us towards wisdom and greater courage.

Falling in Love with Math

1 NaN,

2 Doctor,

3 Professor…

4 What is a name?

5 In the class today,

6 I saw you far away.

7 Mathematician in her prime-

8 number by number, rhyme by rhyme,

9 This student never will be the same.

10 I am counting on you to teach me to

11 love mathematics as my poetry loves you.

A professional response

Mr. Karekter,

You may call me, Doctor or Professor Figger. If you are having trouble seeing the front of the lecture hall, please feel free to move to another seat. I am glad you see the methodology of math and are enjoying the course.

Professor Figger

Repyetashen Limmit Karekter

Reputation, a word of great renown,

A name that echoes, a voice profound,

Re-pyə-tā-shən, a sound that lingers,

A mark of one’s worth, a badge that glimmers.

Limmit, a word that sets a boundary,

A barrier that tests our tenacity,

A challenge to overcome, a hurdle to jump,

A lesson to learn, a journey to triumph.

And then there’s Kárrəktər, a word that speaks,

Of values, morals, and beliefs,

A notion that transcends any border,

A quality that makes us stronger.

In Malaysia, Indonesia, and beyond,

Karekter, Karakter, a word that bonds,

A universal trait that we all seek,

A foundation of humanity, a truth we keep.

In this world of diverse cultures,

We find the essence of our natures,

The things that make us who we are,

The things that shine, like a guiding star.

So let us hold our reputation dear,

Our limits, our character, and our virtues are clear,

And let our words and actions align.

A word from the Narrator

A college freshman from a faraway land,

Indonesia, or was it Malaysia, his heart and mind expand,

Studying literature words his greatest love,

But fate had other plans, the stars above.

Infatuated with his math professor,

He changed his path, a new life pressure,

Mathematics, a world of logic and order,

is a subject he now embraces with ardor.

Life is symbolic, a philosophical art,

A tapestry of moments that touch the heart,

It’s illogical, magical, and mysterious,

Full of surprises, both joyous and serious.

The world around us, a canvas of creation,

Filled with beauty, wonder, and inspiration,

From the equations that explain the universe,

To the poems that capture the human condition’s diverse.

In this journey, we seek to understand,

The mysteries of life, the meaning of the grand,

And though the road may twist and turn,

We keep learning and growing, we help the fire burn.

So let the poet-turned-mathematician inspire,

With his passion and curiosity, his desire,

To explore the world of numbers and beyond,

And find the truth that lies behind the bond.

To create a world that’s truly divine.

Xyz tries to talk to his Friend

Xyz Axis, a person very plane, sought only to communicate perspective, sought only to share a point of view.

How can one so very plane, coordinate without a key of reference between the one and the two?

Xyz Axis, not wanting to declare the center of rotation, for attention upon them made them rather shy, without a rule of thumb, or rule of hand even, how can one determine Y?

Whether positive or negative, it gets back to point of view. To add depth and dimension to one so very plane, takes more than two.

More insight from the Narrator

Dr. Nan, a professor of math,

Logical and precise, in her path,

With a doctorate in her hand,

She leads the way, she takes command.

For her, math is a language clear,

A way to explain, a way to adhere,

To the concepts that govern life,

To the rules that cut through any strife.

She does not believe in magic or mystery,

In math, there’s only logic and symmetry,

A world of numbers, patterns and shapes,

A world that follows, with no escapes.

But can math hold something more,

Than just rules and formulas galore,

Can it show us the beauty of life,

The essence of joy, the depth of strife?

Perhaps in Dr. Nan’s eyes,

Math is more than just the guise,

Of numbers and concepts, of rules and laws,

Perhaps it holds a deeper cause.

For in math, we can find the key,

To unlock the mysteries, to set us free,

To explore the wonders of the universe,

To find the magic that’s in our hearts diverse.

So let us all thank Dr. Nan,

For her dedication, for her plan,

To teach us math, to guide us through,

To find the beauty that’s always true.

A Poem for the Professor

NaN, undefined and obscure,

Doctor, a healer, a cure,

Professor, an educator with skill,

What is a name, but a label we fill?

In the cafe, today, I saw you far away,

Lost in thought, where did your mind stray?

A young woman, a beauty divine,

Numbers are infinite, yet finite is time,

This student never will be the same.

I am counting on you to teach me to,

Love mathematics as my poetry loves you.

Another conversation amongst friends

Xyz Axis sought to intersect the plane to do what was right from angles, to measure the distance, such dimension! But alas! Even in imagined infinite lines, without a key for understanding, the trades continue in dissension!

Another poem for the Professor

With numbers and symbols, you weave a spell,

Making the mysteries of math less hard to tell.

May your passion ignite a fire,

In those who fear numbers and so admire,

The way you make the subject come alive,

And help students thrive.

Teach us the beauty of equations and graphs,

Show us the power of mathematical crafts.

May your lessons be a source of inspiration,

Guiding us towards logical contemplation.

A brief note from the Professor

I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying the course and finding the methodology of mathematics interesting, Mr. Karekter. Mathematics is a fascinating subject that requires rigorous logical reasoning, problem-solving skills, and creativity. I hope that the course will continue to be engaging and informative for all students.

A response from the student

Dear Doctor Figger,

Your words are kind,

A welcome relief from the world we find,

A sanctuary of numbers and thought,

A place where the mind can be re-wrought.

Your guidance is a light to the lost and unsure,

Your teachings are a balm to the struggling and poor,

Your passion for math is a contagious flame,

A spark of inspiration we all can claim.

So let us take heed of your wise words,

And seek the mysteries that numbers afford,

In the methodology of math, we find,

A path to understanding that’s truly divine.

And if our vision falters or our path goes astray,

You’re always there to guide us on our way,

A beacon of knowledge and an inspiration true,

Doctor or Professor Figger,

we’re grateful to you.

Time passes…

Minute Minute

Minute is moments in time in Moment’s “is” Minute.

To frame time in “Minute” is minute in time frame too.

I hold time in minutes in time. Hold I

the numbers of hours. Pass by. Pass hours of numbers. The

mediocrity! In times of contemplation of times in mediocrity,

minutes become hours and days and hours become minutes.

Remember? Too many times when I am full, wonder I,

“Wonderful am I when time’s many to remember.”

Mathematically speaking, time is time speaking mathematically.

Yet, two hours times four equals the eight only if minutes,

if only, ate the equals, for time’s ours too, Yet…

How ever I am, ask me. Ask, am I ever? How?

Am I minute time? Minute I am!

Contemplate contemplation. Contemplate!

Wait. I, if time I am not, am I time if I wait?

Yet another poem

Your equations dance and sing,

Rhythmic patterns that make my heart take wing.

I long to learn the secrets that you know,

To solve problems and watch numbers glow.

You make calculus seem like art,

A masterpiece that speaks to my heart.

So teach me, Doctor, Professor, NaN,

Help me understand this magical land.

I want to see the beauty in each line,

And find joy in solving problems, divine.

With your guidance, I’ll learn to see

The wonders of math are waiting for me.

A Friend intercedes for a poet

With no reference point to start,

Xyz Axis struggled to impart

perspective in a world so flat,

where depth and dimension seemed abstract.

But with patience and a bit of wit,

Xyz Axis found a way to fit

the pieces together, to align

the points and lines, and define

the space between the X and Y,

the planes and angles that defy

the limitations of a two-dimensional view,

and open up a world that’s new.

Through math and geometry,

Xyz Axis found the key

to unlock the secrets of the plane,

and show that even a flat world can contain

a universe of infinite possibility,

with depth and dimensionality.

From the Narrator

Math is a language that speaks to the soul,

A symphony of patterns that make us whole,

A universe of ideas waiting to be explored,

Where creativity and logic are never at odds.

From fractals to calculus, there’s magic in each line,

Where beauty and precision forever entwine,

And even the undefined holds a mystery,

A world of possibilities waiting to be set free.

So let us not limit ourselves to the mundane,

But delve deeper into this world without restrain,

In mathematics, there’s a beauty that can’t be denied,

A magical realm of wonder that forever abides.

Another day, Another poem

Equations dance and sing with grace,

Rhythmic patterns that interlace,

Guiding us to insights profound,

Where mysteries and beauty abound.

The secrets of math are waiting there,

To be unlocked by those who dare,

To journey into this enchanted land,

And with diligence and wonder, take a stand.

With guidance from a learned hand,

We can learn to see and understand,

The wonders of math that wait for us,

A journey of discovery, an endless fuss.

So let us take this journey together,

As students of this magical endeavor,

And with each line and problem divine,

Find joy in the beauty that we’ll find.

More time passes…

The concept of time is often elusive,

A fleeting moment that’s hard to grasp.

Minutes to hours, it can be exclusive,

As it slips away in an endless clasp.

The seconds tick by without remorse,

And we try to hold on to every moment.

But time remains an unyielding force,

A relentless adversary, never dormant.

We measure time in hours and minutes,

In seconds, days, weeks, and years.

But time is more than just digits and limits,

It’s an essence that ebbs and clears.

So contemplate the essence of time,

And the fleeting nature of our existence.

Embrace each moment, as if it were prime,

And cherish every precious instance.

For time is a gift, both fleeting and precious,

A reminder of the beauty and fragility, and strife.

So cherish each moment, without any fuss,

And embrace the wonder of this timeless life.

The Professor tries her hand at poetry

Let me be your guide in this mathematical quest,

A journey of the mind, where we seek to digest,

The mysteries and wonders that lie in wait,

For those who seek to explore and create.

From the basics to the advanced, we’ll explore,

A wealth of knowledge that’s waiting to be poured,

Into our minds, like an endless stream,

Of insights, ideas, and mathematical dreams.

And as we journey on this path of discovery,

I’ll be your companion, your friend,

your trustee, Ready to offer guidance, advice, and support,

As you navigate through equations and charts.

So let us embark on this journey, you and I,

With curiosity, passion, and a twinkle in the eye,

For there’s always something new to learn and discover,

In this magical world of math, forever and ever.

The above image is an inworld installation 3d virtual art piece for the poet and the mathematician, a love story o x ∞ =


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